A great undersized yoyo?


So I don’t normally do this, but what are some great undersized yoyos? I feel myself being attracted to 50mm to 53mm yoyos. Just looking for some new stuff to check out. What would be some good recommendations? Basically just looking for something stable. Darn it, I wish One Drop would make a Markmont Next with side effects!




Chaotic is a good one. One of my favorites is the Monkey Fist.


I think the cascade is a little on the big size, but unless you’ve already tried one, I think it’s great.


Messiah. Best undersized I have ever tried hands down. The 6 is also good but not as stable but it has a little better feel since I like something just a tad more floaty but it doesn’t spin as long.


SPYY Supra plays like a mid-sized yoyo. Or since you’re going up to 53mm, the Punch Line (52.5mm) which is my current favourite yoyo, period.

Spin Dynamics Smooth Move isn’t fully rim-weighted, so it’s a bit less forgiving (you can knock it off-axis way more easily than the Supra) but it’s a great and fun yoyo that lives up to its name.

My understanding from when I was looking for undersized a while ago is that the Dietz just kills. And hey, Side Effects! Didn’t end up with one, though.


YYR Blink. It is absolutely amazing.

CLYW Gnarhwal. Very fun yoyo.

DiBase 2. A great budget undersized.


Supra, 6, Messiah, Blink, E=mc^2 and most of all, the FRAGMENT!


If you don’t want to spend a ton of money on something from YYR or Turning Point, I’d recommend the One Drop Dietz.

It’s got Side Effects and a very unique shape that makes it very stable and long-spinning, but down-right zippy on the string. I’ve stopped using mine because I much prefer full-sized throws, but when I want to throw something under-sized that doesn’t feel it, I reach for the Dietz.

The Punchline and Punchline Repeater are both great as well!


Also the yelets is very nice. The Dietz wasn’t for me.

The 3yo3 Capella is wonderful too


G-Funk is an absolutely giggle-inducing (if you’re the kind of person who giggles cough cough rather than belts out manly guffaws like myself…) fun little H-shaped yoyo.


This post is “giggle inducing” xD


Me too.

Stable and undersized, eh? Try these:

-One Drop Dietz
-SPYY Spyder II
-HSpin Beysick(a great undersized D bearing throw)

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You can grab a Madhouse Rad on clearance over at this other store I know. Even get free shipping.


Thanks for the recommendations guys! I have actually tried basically all the yoyos listed. Anymore ideas? I’m looking for something with a more classic shape without hubstacks.

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Marmont or Markmont maybe?

(And you’ve tried a Spyyder 2 right?)


A really good undersized with super stability and amazing speed is the Battosai. Though the shape may not be for everyone.


One of the few undersized I really like is the X-Con Pro.

Easy to dismiss cause it’s a YYJ composite but I prefer it to most of the premium metals of the same size.




Clyw gnarwhal or clyw wooly marmot