Looking for an undersized.

As title states. I’m working on advanced part two. My only undersized just stripped so I need a new one. Like between 50 mm and 53 mm I won’t go under 60$ and probably won’t go over $100. I’m looking at a 54 as my next mid size since that is kinda my comfort zone and I like that shape but undersized just feels so pretty in the palm. I play medium to fast and either really floaty or solid as a rock.
Thanks guys. (And gals)

A YYJ axiom is nice, and Raptor and Yuuksta!

I have all for sale around 40 and under :).

Raptor is small and long spins smooth.

$60-$100 undersized… sounds like a One Drop. My fav undersized under $100 would have to be the MarkMont Next. Recently ran out on yye, but be some left on anither site. Really any undersized one drop will do, Ive tried a few and none have disappointed

If you are willing to get used my fav undersized of all time is by far the One Drop Dietz. Goin to midsized at I believe 53mm is the Cascade. Best throw One Drop has to offer IMO. Beats the Code 2 IMO, havent ried the Format:C yet though :wink:

I vote for the Dietz as my easy #1 and below that something from YYF. Boss/Skyline/Yuuksta/888 are my picks.

Yelets fits your criteria. Has Side Effects so you don’t have to worry about stripping. $85 and 52mm.

Werrd Pacquiao, it’s amazing for it’s diminutive size and weight

I hate that thing with a passion… My Delrin Compulsion is even lighter and still outperforms it in every way…

yelets are really nice , g- funks are great i have a champions edition for $45

Werrd minute!

The Dietz, is the single most epic undersized I have thrown. I love my Dietz, and I am sure you would not be disappointed. It blows the Yelets away.


There’s a YYF 44 left in stock, I was thinking about geting it, but you can have it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Gsquared quake!

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Something angle is amazing but more expensive then what you wanted. Also agree that the minute is better than a lot of yoyos in that range but is $10 cheaper than what you wanted

got one already. And love it lol.


I think the axiom is a good undersized yoyo. :smiley: :wink: :slight_smile:

If you can find one, SPYY Supra is my go-to undersized.

I also have a real love for the Spin Dynamics Monkey Fist. It’s very much in the “rim-weighted brick” category, though, which fits your “solid as a rock” description I suppose.

[edited to reverse time and pretend I said this before Nathan’s post:

“I prefer Supra even to the Messiah” ] :wink:

YYR Messiah obviously.