Good undersized throws

Just wanting to know some good undersized throws :slight_smile:

Minute plays great and is a good price

My personal favorite is easily the One Drop Dietz, its justso freakin awesome!

What I always hear when people talk undersized though is the YoYoRecreation Messiah, itmust ne one heck of an undersized, I reallywantto try one myself.

Some other nice undersized are the One Drop MarkMont Next and Y Factor, or pretty much any undersized One Drop :slight_smile:

Werrd Minute is good on a budget, but if you want un-compromised play in an undersized throw go for the Werrd Pacquiao.

I like the ILYY and OD Sakura. Good looking, and playing!

I hated the pacquiao… it was so light(but I get thats the point) and spin times are nothing. Its just a more stable, slightly longer spinning ONE. Not worth the money, might aa well just stick with a ONE than spending all that extra money

Find a Messiah. We have one and it’s everything it should be.

G-funk , i have one up for trade/sale if your interested

YYF Chaotic is undersized chaos. This throw has a mind of it’s own but it is great.

The Dietz is just epic easily beats out every undersized throw I have thrown.

You cannot beat the MarkMont NEXT.

Pretty much all the 50mm One Drop’s

P1, P2, MMN, Y Factor, Cafe Racer.

General-Yo Hatrick is a great throw as is the 5 Star.

The Messiah is a fantastic undersized throw too!!

Supra owns all. Especially if you want a true undersized; some of those listed are in the 52/53mm category, which I consider mid-sized rather than undersized. Where’s that handy “Once and for all” sizing chart someone made once upon a time. :wink:

But yes, Supra. Comfortable, stable, small, grinds amazingly.

If you want something that feels solid and stable with muito rim weight, then Monkey Fist pwns all*!

*(by “all”, I mean out of the few I’ve tried. Hyperbole, yo!)

Messiah and Six are my picks. Both can compete with playability of Full sized yoyos of any kind. I could get like 2 minute combos on the six!!!

angle is nice and the di base 2 ain’t half bad