Mid/Under-Sized Recommendation

I want to purchase something slightly undersized for my next throw.

Diameter Range: 48mm - 53mm
Width Range: 36mm - 42mm

Any recommendations you have would be greatly appreciated!

I have thrown a Dietz and didn’t really like it. It felt too wide for its diameter. The token had the same problem, along with the its overall size feeling too small.

They yoyo I was considering is a General Yo Mini-Star. My only issue is I don’t know where or how to acquire one.

Something with a similar shape and proportion of the Mini-Star, but a little bigger all around would be absolutely perfect!

Thanks for your input. :wink:

The ministar will have to be used. It is also VERy small and not the most stable undersized you will find.

Havent tried it, but the yelets looks nice!

Thanks for the heads up. I will check out the yelets.

The Stargazer has an undersize feel to it at 54mm and 42mm. A seriously amazing player. My favorite jojo of all time. Get one.

Another one you might consider would be a Madhouse RAD. I’ve been have a lot if fun throwing that little guy. Think it’s dimensions are like 50.8 dia, 38.8ish width.

Edit: my bad diameter is 50.7 and width is 38.82. Weight is 67.3

I can’t emphasize how much I love my Punchline. I’ve heard the original (which is what I have) is the more desirable because it’s a bit floatier, but I don’t know how you could go too terribly wrong with a Punchline Repeater, either.

The numbers and shape seem perfect. I am not a fan of the styling though.

Thank you for reminding me about SPYY. The Spyder II looks like the exact size and style I’m looking for.

Yoyofactory and turning point chaotic! SOOOO underrated! Ive tried a lot of underiszed throws, and i think it out classes the gnarwhal, wooly marmot, dietz, and more! Feels so solid, and has a very comfortable shape. THE BEST UNDERSIZED YOYO I HAVE EVER TRIED!

Also, it has an axle system that is low maintenance, and doesnt have death grips. Plus, it it the most smooth yoyofactory i have ever tried.

I am definitely liking the chaotic.

How about the Chico Yoyo Company Flyer? Pretty underrated IMO. It has a 10 ball bearing stock, isn’t very expensive, is pretty stable, and is very smooth. Also it has a pretty nice shape. Only con is it can’t grind due to its shiny finish.

Can’t go wrong with the SpyderII. It’s like you know it’s undersize without it being too undersize.

I gotta get me one of those sometime. That description reminds me of how the Punchline is… midsized but feels fullsized. They play with the features of the next size up!

The cascade if a great throw, but it’s a little big for what your looking for.

Awesome! Good choice hah! May i also recommened the G funk, monkey fist and Chico yo T bone?

I’ve thrown undersized for a couple years. The SOMETHING angle thoroughly impressed me and you can never go wrong with an early run 888. I always have fun messing around with my wooly markmont if you can find one and the cascade is 53 mm and was super fun.

The Y Factor really impressed me, it’s a really great undersized throw.

You can check Yoyofficer Fit.

I couldn’t recommend the Messiah enough. Yes, yes it is undersized and pricey, but has got to be one of the best undersized out there. It can definitely hold out on its own along with its fullsize friends.

The Cascade is mid sized. The more I use it, the more it grows on me. It’s not the most stable, but it’s just really comfy and smooth.