What should be my first undersized yoyo?

Hi. I really want to get a new undersized throw. I’m not sure about the good undersized throws out there so I’m hoping to get some recommendation from other yoyoers around here.
I’m not really looking for any shape in particular because I wanna try and explore the different shapes and my budget is around $100. Beyond those two things, I don’t really have any preferences yet because, like I said I’m exploring different yoyos atm. (and plus I’ve only been yoyoing for less than 6 months :P)
PS. I know how to bind so that wouldn’t be an issue.

Only ones I can think of in that price range are recrev neaue, yoyofficer pause, werrd minute, and c3 dibase.

OneDrop makes some nice undersize throw. I’ve got a CafeRacer that I love. The Yelets is a tad bigger if I’m remembering correctly. My friend has one and I love playing it when I get the chance.

If you can hold your horses for the new Onedrop Rebirth that’s what I’d do. They haven’t released specs but by the pic on their Flickr I think it’ll be 50-52mm. I am super excite for this one. Hope it isn’t too heavy.

General Yo Entheos is fun and the blasted finish is good, though a little heavy for my taste.

CLYW WM2 is bomb.

Onedrop Cascade is pushing the undersized limit for me but is fanflippintastic. Havent tried Yelets but it looks good.

I’d wait for rebirth or try to find a WM2.

Well arguably the best undersized are the yyr messiah or yyr 6. On my bst there is a 6 for sale for less than 70$. It’s MIB

Some of my favorite undersized throws are the Werrd Minute and One Drop Y-Factor. The Y-Factor is a tad lighter and faster, and because of it’s weight (which I’m used to something a little heftier) I’m prone to tilt that thing on tricks like Skin the Gerbil.

Both of these are excellent grinders though!