Fluctuating size preferences?

I have noticed from looking through what the prefer and popular yoyo choices have been through the years. that it seems that at certain points, oversized is preferred to undersize, and vice versa. Have any other of you noticed this?

It seems now that larger size yoyos such as some YYR and CLYW are the wanted yoyo, when years back, project and 888 were the preferred size.

Any reasoning behind this you think? Perhaps trick style change, maybe less technical more larger tricks?

Interesting to see.


I have noticed that most new yoyos these days are full sized. While I prefer a bigger yoyo, it’s disappointing to see a lack of variety in new throws.

I think people just like how they feel.

I personally experience the larger throws to be more stable and more long spinning during string trick combos. It’s nothing scientific but it just really seems that way to me.

If that’s the case, I would guess that a lot of pros probably also prefer this size for the same reason and that, in turn, influences their sponsors to create that type of yoyo. Once the trend starts, then all the companies probably feel a need to keep up and you get a lot of oversize throws.

So, in the end I’d attribute it at least partially to changing play styles.

Actually, it is. The mass is further out. It has more inertia.

I’m fairly isolated from the trends of the community, by being relatively new and not being concerned about what the trends are. I play what I like and what feels good to me. If I happen to be on the same line as the trend, then fine. If not, that’s fine too.

I prefer the full sized trows, but lately I’ve been playing more undersized stuff. I have no idea how that relates to the current trend.

What I do notice is that I’m seeing more sponsored player with signature yoyos that are designed for their style of play. This tells me the community is growing and making money for brands and vendors. This is good. Even so, yoyo being on “the trend” is also cyclical.

I understand the principle behind it, but it’s still not that simple. Changes in the way I throw or hold the yoyo would matter, how well I hit the gap on each string hit on each trick with each yoyo also matters. You can’t just cross your arms and say “more inertia” when so many factors affect play.

What I can say is that throughout my experience with numerous yoyos on numerous occassions, I feel like the larger throws tend toward being more stable. That is not scientific.

Stability is all about rim weight. No more, no less. If you throw as hard on a rim weighted throw as non-so-much, it is more stable.

Yes, there are a lot of factors involved in the perception of the feel of a yoyo. But stability is a quantifiable attribute, in which rim weight and axle distance is the only factor here.

Totally true. I’ve spent enough time in enough physics classes to tell you that this is totally correct. No matter what the size is, if the yoyo’s weight is focused on the rims your going to get more stability. This goes for larger and undersized throws. Rim weight increases the moment of inertia creating better sleep times/longer spins and also increases stability. On a larger throw you may get slightly better spin times but this is also proportional to an undersized throw in which you can potentially impart greater kinetic energy as the mass is more concentrated (hence a larger throw of the same weight feeling floaty while an undersized throw of the same weight may feel like a rock at the end of a string). So it is scientific…physics!

I used to care about size, now I just don’t anymore

there are awesome undersizes, most lately I’m thining of the YYF Qu4dro or the Anti-Yo Viszilla (2 totally different beasts tho)
pretty much all oversizes I’ve tried were great, my fav being the H5 by C3
and full size, well there’s lots of choices out there

fix’d for you.

it was in the teeth actually, steamroller