How have your tastes in yoyos changed (or not) throughout your throwing career?

In a yoyoer’s pursuit of perfection, new discoveries come all the time and it comes as no surprise that as with just about everything else, one’s taste in preferences in the yoyoing are bound to change. I’ve been pretty vocal about my changes in preferences (as any of you who have been paying attention to my profile sub-title may have noticed ;D), and I’m interested to hear if anyone else’s preferences have been as much all over the map as mine have been over my 2 year throwing career. To get started, I’ll give you guys some (too?) detailed insight to my yoyoing journey.

When I first started my serious stint in yoyoing, my Lyn Fury was my throw of choice, and for a long time there, YoYoJam was my go-to manufacturer for all my yoyoing needs. My exploration of their bi-metals (DM, Hitman, and my brother’s Black Knight and Speeder) was honestly all I ever thought I need, as I thought spending in the area of $100+ for an all metal yoyo was completely frivolous and unnecessary.

It was at about 6 months into the game where I finally found myself catching metal fever, and the only prescription was YoYoFactory. I found myself getting a Boss, a Dv888, an 888 Classic and a Skyline all within a short time frame, and at that time, undersized, rounded profile YYF metals were my end-all-be-all throws of choice. I was mesmerized by the way that such small yoyos had such power and versatility zipping around on the string. I stayed on the undersized kick for probably the longest out of any other personal trend of my yoyoing career, sticking with throws around 50-52mm for a good year or so. I made strides to diversify, trying out H-shaped throws, different companies and what have you, but at the end of the day, I still swore by my undersized YYFs – the '07 and Classic model 888s specifically. Center Trac bearings were also a big part of this era for me. With each new throw I’d add to my collection, a Center Trac would come right along with it.

It wasn’t until I got some good play time in on my Peak, which had mostly sat in my case for my first few months of owning it amongst the 50mm competitors, that things once again started to make a dramatic switch. The Peak filled out my hand so nicely, and I noticed that it was less prone to changing plane (precession?) during play. I don’t really do any super technical string maze type tricks anyway, so now my focus changed to full sizedthrows, CLYW specifically. I made a determination in this time period that as far as pure numbers are concerned, the SPYY Addiction would be my perfect yoyo. It was during this time as well that I found out that 4mm gaps work much better for me than the 5mm gaps as seen on many competition-ready yoyos around this time.

Around the same time the full sized switch occurred, a switch in bearing preferences also took place. The thin gap of the Peak gave such a nice, soft landing at the bottom of the string, and I realized the only way to achieve this on my ~5mm gapped yoyos was to make another switchup to flat bearings. By then my throw was good enough to not have to worry about the benefits of centered bearings, and the soft landing just feels so much better to me than the heavy thunk that centered bearings tend to cause.

Fast forward to just a few months ago. On my quest to own one of every CLYW model, I came into possession of a second Bassalope. It was a very refreshing throw, and the mid-sized 52mm diameter seemed like such a nice compromise between full and undersized – minimal precession like a fullsized, but with that bounce at the end of the string that I’ve always liked about undersized. In this category we have the Bassalope, Ti Walker, and Gnarwhal that filled the niche nicely. This was probably my shortest lived phase.

And then we have the present time. Up until now, I’ve always liked a nice rounded profile anywhere from 50 to about 55mm, and hadn’t experienced much anything that would make me change my mind. That is, until I dove head first into my YYR experience. Now it’s all about oversized YYR for me – KK bearings and all. It’s to the point where I’ve actually said aloud that they’re so good, it really doesn’t make sense for me to own too much else. My previous conception of what I thought were my preferences have since been completely turned upside down. Over a year and a half’s course of time, my main players have gone from 50mm rounded to 57mm(Sleipnir) to 62mm(Dreadnought) angular, and everywhere else in between.

There are a couple things though that haven’t changed amongst all this turmoil. I’ve never liked highwalls (though I’ve been open to give them a chance on throws like the Peak), and I’ve always liked to keep the weight of my throws at or around 65g.

TL;DR (if you’re still awake by now :P): Plastic -> BiMetal -> Undersized, Center Trac Bearings -> Full Sized, Flat Bearings -> Mid-Sized -> Oversized

So what do you guys think? How have your preferences changed and how have they stayed the same?

When I first started, I thought “why would I ever want to get something that’s not yoyojam?”
And yeah, that’s changed now that I have a case full of all different companies. :stuck_out_tongue:

But from the beginning I’ve liked oversized throws more, and still do for the most part.

I was also one of those noobs who was like oh hey, ceramic kk will make my yoyo soooo much better. Then when I got it, I found out nope, it really doesn’t. one drop 10 ball on the other hand… now THAT’s a good bearing.

why spend $100 plus on a yoyo when I can do the same thing with plastic…If I do drop some cash…it’s only on pre-pro and raw….straight from the manufacturer……otherwise I just throw plastic now…

I used to only like small diameter yoyos. But now im starting to like the 53-56 range a litttle more!

For me, full size was where it was at. Yyf and YYJ plastics too. Throws like my DM and PGM were my favorites. Until I was short on cash and bought a popstar. I loved undersized and metal. I turned to General yo for my needs, seeing to all their yo’s are undersized and metal

A big taste

Tastes? I wouldn’t lick a yoyo. Most of the stuff is made in China. Don’t products keep getting recalled for having lead in them or plastics that leech toxins?

But in all seriousness, I’ve only been doing this 3 months at this point so I don’t have anything to really go by like the OP wants to get into. I can say that I have spend money on other items and am planning a large-ish purchase soon with many different types of yoyos, with future purchases planned and metal on the horizon.

With my limited experiences, I am finding preferences for bearings and string. My collection is too restrictive for now to develop any further preferences. All I can say is I have a cheap junker of a Chinese metal, and well duh, you get what you pay for, right? So true on that one. I have many others, and other than that Chinese one, I just enjoy them all for different reasons.

I do feel that like the OP stated, people’s tastes are going to change, but this is mainly the result of them spending time and/or money and finding what works best for them and the constant experimentation that goes on. This is a journey with no defacto right answer. We’re all on the same journey, but we’re all on different paths to the same destination, which may not lead us all to the same end location. Exploring detours and other stops along the way, and of course “stopping to smell the roses” are just part of what makes this journey more enjoyable.

Years ago: “ZOMG i needz sumtin wit gud spintimez!!?!!!11!!!”

Awhile after that “I think I’ll collect something from every company”

6 months ago: “I hate yoyofactory”

3 months ago “I hate yoyofactory and love ILYY”

Now: “Why in the world would I throw something other than CLYW, OD, ILYY and VSNYYC???”

Also I sucked then.

I’m better now.

true that my man lol

i hear ya pal

My preferences have pretty much remained the same. I would describe my preference as variety! I have always enjoyed variety in yoyo’s, materials, size, bearing size, fixed axle, response, it doesn’t matter. I want variety! I might change to a new yoyo every 5-10 minutes.

However, if I had give up all my yo’s but one I could do that and still love yoyoing.

I started worshiping YYF. Now I hate them and wish I’d never boughten any of their products
Then I got a Messiah and wanted all YYR stuff. (when I got it I went into light speed and started learning more faster)
Then I discovered Dream Yo… :slight_smile: :wink: :smiley: ;D
Now I prefer YYJ for a large brand and want a lot of stuff from them
and want a collection of about 15-20 yoyos from different brands NOT including Dream Yo. I know I’ll get all of their stuff

When I started I liked small throws.
with time I bought larger and larger throws, and today I’m playing full size throws most of the time

Same ^^

I used to like the lightest yoyos, now I like heavy yoyo’s. I think this is because I find it easier to go faster with heavy yoyo’s and when I was still learning I wasn’t interested in speed, but getting the tricks down

Basically went through just begginer plastics, to the YYJ and YYF thrills. But now I like smaller companies, General-Yo, OneDrop, CLYW and WerRd.