Not asking what your favorite yoyo is… too many of those threads. What i am asking is why do some people have stubborn preferences? Ive seen someone post an idea for a yoyo or details about a new yoyo and they say “well i was really excited but it doesn’t fit my preferences so im NOT getting it”. Why? Just because something isnt exactly like you like you wont get it? Ive felt that, then i try that yoyo out and i love it. Works in the other direction too, sometimes my preferences deceive me and i end up hating a yoyo that usually would fix my liking. I usually just buy or trade for things that look freekin awesome. I say forget preferences try everything! What do you guys think?


I agree. Trying everything is probably the most important part about building your own style. Whether it be a type of yoyo or even a different format altogether, it can contribute to how one does their tricks etc.

That’s part of what I wish could be fixed too :-\ The yoyo community is so far and wide that options to trying things are rather limited in some cases. You either buy it or uhh. Chances of me making it to Chico are slim to none, and I have not heard of a PA States.




Im not going to spend a stupid price for a yoyo that doesn’t meet my preferences. I would rather have one that did.


I have preferences. I will buy anything and play anything even if outside my preferences. So, I’m not stubborn. I shop a lot by sight, so if it looks good to me, I’ll get it. Some I shop after I’ve played them. I hadn’t heard of the Rayoyos Chupcabra, but one was shoved into my hands at Nationals and now I have to have one. Similarly, the Eternal Throw Victory. At the same time, both of these fit into my preferences. Now, the Token doesn’t fit my preferences, yet I like it. The dv888 does not fit my preferences and for me, it’s just OK.

I refuse to miss out on a great yoyo just because it doesn’t fit my preferences. If I’m enjoying it, that’s all that matters. Plus, the variety forces me to keep my technique more consistent and cleaner.

I do however expect whatever I buy not to be a piece of junk. So far so good.

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Here’s the thing about preferences, they change! Life is change, there are many things that I used to dislike that I now enjoy and vice versa. If you don’t try different things you limit yourself. I figure there are plenty of other people and circumstances that limit me. Why limit myself?

My yoyo case is full of everything, as it should be! :-*

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I gravitate towards things that are aesthetically pleasing (probably part of the reason I’ve avoided a lot of YYJ’s throws with those caps) and go from there. I do have preferences but that’s based only on what I’ve already tried. I like to try new things. Different shapes, different weights and sizes, different design features, etc. Quite often, this leads to new preferences/favourites.


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Learn the tricks, not the equipment.


That is why I am trying the Marmot. It is out of my comfort zone (oversized throws are my go-to) but I am willing to try it out. I do fall for those rounded butterfly shapes way too easily!


I dislike when people are like “yeah, from what I’ve heard this yoyo plays like my dream yoyo. except that it’s half a mm smaller and 1 gram less than what I prefer, so I’m toats not getting that yoyo”


I really want to try your yoyo when it hits the store!


i agree with this guy.


that’s why I’m selling all my throws but one. More time spent throwing and less spent perusing the BST.


@Jerrod, If you’re holding out on a 50lb cheese yoyo, I will fight you right in the face. I must have that yoyo!

But other than cheese, my preferences are roundish things that spin really fast on the end of a string and then come back to my hand.


I have definite preferences. I’ve bought enough throws to know what I like to play and what I will end up playing. I understand what people mean when they say that they have fun with each yoyo’s unique style, but ultimately, it needs to feel right to me or else I don’t have as much fun. Some throws just immediately feel like “me”. Maybe I miss out here and there, but my aim is pretty good when I do pull the trigger.

I also collect yoyos, and I will collect yoyos that aren’t my preference, but it’s because I think they’re cool.

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I use all yoyos. i do have preferences, but the change every hour, lol. I HATED organic shape yoyos, but i just got the addiction, its my new favorite yoyo.


i feel like you took my idea the wrong way. I obviously have preferences as does everyone else. Im talking about when people are too stuck up with preferences that they wont buy a yoyo because its not EXACTLY how they like it. Theres a few people specifically i can think of that do this but im not going to say names. It’s those people that this is sort of geared towards, not everyone who has preferences thats silly. Like someone else said, I’ve seen people be like… “well i liked it a lot until i found out it is 56mm and not 55mm, i cant get it now sorry”. That just confuses me

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it’s tough being human, and spending every waking moment defining ourselves against everything we hate.

“the great way is not difficult. only you must not have preferences.”