How do you decide a yoyo?

In this modern age, the average yoyoist would be hard-pressed to find a yoyo that can’t handle his or her array of tricks. The art of yoyo manufacturing is more or less down to a T. Aluminum construction, ball bearing, recessed response, and high rim-center weight ratio.

And now there are more companies and yoyos to choose from than ever before! But with so many choices come dilemmas. What do you spend your hard-earned (or not) money on? Compared to other skill toys, they’re relatively expensive, and most can’t buy an appealing yoyo on a whim.

I, for example, give utmost importance to the aesthetics. If a yoyo doesn’t look good, I absolutely don’t buy it/trade for it. It HAS to have colors that I like and be within a certain range of size. Black and fullsized being my preference.

Uniqueness also plays quite a big factor. For example, G Squared’s Triton has silver engraving cut directly into the yoyo. CLYW has double rings on the Chief (though with so many of latest models having them, it loses a bit of its uniqueness).

Something I don’t consider is brand loyalty. Not sure if I’m being hypocritical or not, as most of the yoyos I own are CLYW. If a company makes a yoyo that looks interesting, I’ll jump on it.

I also tend to stay away from certain manufacturers for certain reasons.

I’m very picky, so something as simple as the blast will alter my decision. String Theory’s bead blast is something I detest, so it’s driven me away from most of their models (still looking to try out a shiny Orion, though haha). I’ve also got a slight beef with YYR’s Acrophobia. It’s an astonishingly great yoyo, but the little lip on the edge of cups drive me crazy. It’s the main (and only) reason I parted with mine. Shame, too. It was a beautiful black (enjoy it, Sean!)

What about you? What sways your yoyo-money from one return top to the next?

(inspired by Jake’s post in the Triton Feedback thread)

People’s reviews and advice.

Although I have found yo-yo’s that I just randomly decide to get on my own tend to be the best.

For example, my Bassalope’s. I got one as part of a package deal and it ended up being my favorite CLYW yo-yo. I now I have 2 Bassalopes and currently bidding on one on ebay.

Really? I actually try to stay away from reviews. It’s hard to find someone on here that’s actually objective about a yoyo. All they do is preach about how perfect it is in every way.

I thank you so very much for that. The Acro is so amazingly good. I shall never part with forever.

Yeah. For example, all these General-yo fans are making me look through the BST to get my hands on a Majesty.

You know, I look at companies description, and often just go by what looks interesting. I’m a sucker for unique yoyos, and when I first started, Tyler Severance was my favorite player (still in my top 3) so his model the Supernova was like my goal in life. I was exposed to more players, including Gentry Stein and Jensen Kimmitt (did I spell that right?) and I started to explore. I once asked the forum peeps what I should buy and got like 1,000,000 suggestions saying I would love the Capless.

My favorite yoyo ever since.

I might be off topic right now. I can never tell. I just go with my gut on yoyos.

It has to look good, agreed. And I usually get yo-yos in the same general size range, but it’s nice to have a variety of different sizes and shapes when I am trying to learn a trick that gives me trouble. Switching up to a different feeling throw will sometimes help me get the feel of a trick.
Price is also a big factor. After watching the YoYoFactory team do amazing tricks with 10 dollar Replay’s, it kind of messed my thinking up… I have lots of yo-yos… I wish I could buy the trick sometimes.

I post questions, asking for constructive criticism on the throw I want to buy, but in general, anything that looks cool, with a nice weight and cool colorways. Generally, if it looks good and appeals to me, I consider it. I haven’t really found out my preferred shape or size or exact size, so I’m still experimenting. :slight_smile:

I don’t think there’s any real pattern to my purchases. I don’t have any brand allegiance but I do find myself gravitating towards certain brands more than others.


Looks, I don’t care how a yoyo plays, whether it be floaty or solid, I can still play with it and learn to love it. Unless it’s a dv888.

For me its color I always get a brightly colored Yoyo because that’s what catches my eye.

Yeah. Color is important.

I don’t have a single solid colored yo-yo in my case. I love cool colorways.

I’m more about NOT creating a “preference” although I’m slowly getting one anyhow. Consequently, I buy a yoyo based on how different it is from anything else in my case. Aesthetics are factored in a bit, though… had a heck of a time deciding which Capless to get because of all the sweet acid washes c3 does. :wink:

I’m also a sucker for a deal. Mystery Box? Yeah, I’ll have one of those (Avant Garde turned out to be an AWESOME yoyo, dunno why you prefer the AG2, Links!). Capless at only $65, sure… send one over…

Price isn’t everything, though. El Ranchero was different from anything I had and I also loved its aesthetic, so I fired up an order for one.

Most conspicuous absences right now are a super-floaty V and an oversized anything. Saw a good deal on an H5xChief that I almost jumped on because of that.

This is so accurate. Seriously, up until a week ago I had no two higher-end yoyos from the same company (without striking a good deal anyway. The YYF Packs were a must, and that was 60 bucks.). I’ve spent more time exploring companies than I have obsessing over one, and I think it’s important that people do this. The zealots that just drool over CLYW, OD, YYJ, etc. are also missing out on some wonderful stuff!

Aesthetics are important to me, but it will never hold me from buying a throw. I actually aim to include variety in my colors as well. So far, pink, blue, blue w/ pink splash, red/black acid, orange/black acid, grey, white, red, purple w/ silver splash. Hmmm, that’s all off the top of my head I can think of.

I’m just rambling on. Buy different companies. :wink:

Variety! I’m always looking to try something different. There are two colors I do stay away from but other than that…I see something different, open my wallet, if the cash is there that yo is mine, if not it will wait until another time. :slight_smile:

I shop company first, dimensions second, colorway third.
Sucker for small US companies, but some Canadians as well
D: 53-56 mm, W: 42-45
No Black throws for me too much trouble with the eyes. Solid color: Grey/Silver or fancy splash

Variety here as well. I played brand allegiance and decided to steer my collection in a different way. It has become my goal to collect throws made from different materials. For example, I’ve been so lucky to acquire a 3yo3 ti5, a gen-yo magnum, illy st. eel, recrev ta-1s and I’ve got some in 6061 and 7075. I know there is lots more materials to collect, but I think I’m headed in the right direction. Sometimes bearing size is a factor, I recently traded for a square wheels rex and fricken love it! I’ve also been picking up some recrev because of the price point, the response and bearings they choose and the ano jobs are nice. I really like 3yo3 because Landon is in my home town :stuck_out_tongue: Colours are also a big factor, I don’t usually do solids and if it is I like them engraved. Good ano jobs with engravings gets too busy in my mind. I think mostly it boils down to uniqueness like some other people have said but it’s kind of impulsive too. Something just catches my interest and I hope its within my means to get it ;D

Where’s your wood, crammit?? :wink:

Oh yeah I forgot, my tmbr mahogany Baldwin :wink:

I go for what looks unique and what has been well recieved. I don’t really care about looks and colors as much.