What drives your purchase?

Leaving price out of the equation.

What drives you to make a yoyo purchase? Is it the Brand Name? Is it the colorway? Is it the actual yoyo specs?

Does it fit my range of specs?
Is it made in USA?
Is it blue or some variation there of?

If it fails any of those questions I’m not likely to buy.

Actual Yoyo specs and occasionally Brand name drive most of my yoyo purchases.

Questions specifically like these.

1.Does it Weigh less than 66.5 grams?
2.Is it a fast playing yoyo?
3.Is it by one of my favorite yoyo companies?
4.How wide is it?
5.What type of response does it use?

If any yoyo fails the first two, then i might not buy it.

“Do I need it? Or will the yoyos already have do the trick [no pun intended]?”
It’s nice to have a mentality like this because I don’t get caught up with impulse buys.

Sadly, “Will it have good trade value next week?”.

I take out my wallet, open it, look, count, drive is on ;D! or drive is gone :’(!

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Specs and shape first then colorway. Most companies don’t matter I guess but I am more likely to buy what hot right now within reason of the first sentence.

Does it bring out my eyes in an alluring way?

Well if your yoyoing right, there not going to be looking at your eyes ;D

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This one I disagree with. There are many great yoyo’s NOT made in the US.

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Oh but see, if you yoyo “right” they will be drawn to the alluring nature of your eyes.
For they take everything in, not just the yoyoing.

Lol. I’ll have to take your word on that. 8)

If i see a yoyo in a normal supermarket/toystore that i don’t have i usually buy on sight. If not then i usually think about if ill actually use it and what makes it different than my other yo-yos.

If I’m purchasing online:

  1. Looks
  2. Size
  3. Price

If I’m purchasing elsewhere where I can handle the yoyo:

  1. How it plays
  2. Price
  1. Does it have an innovative shape?
  2. How well does it grind?
  3. Is it midsize, oversize or undersized? (In order of preference)
  4. Is it stable?
  5. Does it have a high wall? (Don’t really like)
  6. Does it have spikes? (I like spikes)

Mainly “does it look cool”. Then i look up reviews and if its well liked ill buy it. I dont really have any preferred specs of any sort as of now i like trying everything. I’m sure in a year or so ill only be buying yoyos that fit my style

-Does it looks different from the ones I already have?
-does it look cool?
-specs (I try to stay away from 56+ mm throws)

Price was the top concern for a while because I didn’t have a job. Now that I have a job, am a 19 year old, have no bills to pay, and a pretty mellow social life, I’ve been expanding my collection a bit.

I’m usually very particular about my purchases. It takes me weeks to decide on which one to buy. The main things I look for is(in order)

  1. Shape - whatever looks the nicest
  2. Size - 50-56mm diameter
  3. Price - because I’m only 16
  4. Color - whatever my collection lacks, I try to mix it up

I’m not picky on my brands because I like to try a bit of everything. Yoyoing, while obviously there are just some bad throws, snvery opinionated . I like smaller yoyos with generic shapes.

Specs all the way. I also like to support new companies

You can disagree all you want. The question was what drives MY purchases.