Why you buy a yoyo...



there are multiple reasons why we each buy a particular throw. this poll is not all-encompassing by any means.

you can be a pro, a collector or just like to throw a yoyo around but there is SOMETHING that sparks an interest in one you see that you must own.

what is it?

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you can vote for up to 4 items…


also post your thought on why you gotta have it…


U should add “tricks its used for”
I bought a horizon just for fingerspins.
I guess that kinda falls under the shape category tho.


Depends really. Sometimes I buy a yoyo because I like the shape of it. Sometimes people talk highly about it so I look into it and I get it. Sometimes there are good deals on yoyos so I take advantage and buy it, and sometimes I just buy it cause I like the colorway so it just depends.


I would like to suggest one option to add to your poll:

The Brand

There are many people that will buy every yo-yo that a company puts out simply because it carries that brands name. Sounds silly but brand loyalty does play a huge part in many people’s purchases.


I may run out of options to add here very quickly.

as I said this is not all encompassing and most likely a bit generic.

if some of you have other reasons YOU ONLY/MUST BUY please post them for others to think about.



thanks for participating…


i can’t stop staring at your avatar ginny… it’s like hypnotoad.
anyways, these days i am trying to get less yo-yos, and use the ones i already have lots
more. there are brands i do try to support, but none that i get everything from unconditionally.
the last three yo-yos i got were used, and old models. i got them because i look at them as
cool developments in yo-yo history, and they kinda fit in my odd collection of old and new style throws.




a, b, f, g
I think shape is too general, but I suppose it’s too late to change.


shape = what would you suggest?



width, diameter, letter shape (don’t know what else to call it, like h-shape, v-shape), etc.




do you have a reason for this ?

I collect many because I want to…




my avatar - as a fifth generation Californian I love my palm trees…



we have shape, but I cannot put them all up; we have weight and I cannot list grams for each yoyo
that is made. most are very close.

hence the note that your post your thoughts on WHAT YOU LIKE IN TERMS OF SHAPE,

all of this helps the new kids on the block think about why you/we/they buy…

this is a generic poll and cannot possibly include everything; basic for the most part.

I actually wonder how many think about 1/2 of what the poll asks before they buy?



Well, I for one rarely buy yoyos. I usually have to earn it by placing at contests. So for me it’s usually something that I’ve been wanting for a while or something I need (for contests usually).


I buy one because
A) I want a souvenir from a contest
B) I get bored of the yoyos I have by how they Play
C) holidays or it’s my birthday so I can get a new Yoyo I’m not buying.


I just like them.


I personally do not collect. But it is a big hobby in the yoyo world, so I was suggesting that be a poll option.

(now is)


I chose Weight, Shape, looks, and just like it but I break it down a little bit to show how that has changed over the course of 4 years playing/buying yoyos.

My first 2 years of yoyoing I purchased about 30 metals, and then narrowed it down to my favorite 3 and sold the rest. I kept my Sleipnir, Chief and Nessie and didn’t purchase any metals for 2 years until yesterday where I chose an X Cube Teh Yo and 3 yo 3 Bass Line 2. The Nessie I gave to my daughter but still play so I count that as one.

There was a general trend towards performance in those first 4 years. Counter to the traditional view, my general philosophy is that whatever increases the rate of repetition increases learning at a greater rate. I have personally found it effective in that I learn tricks on bearings, and then usually have to make little effort to then perform the tricks on fixed axle. Ultimately how you practice is how you will perform. If you focus on being smooth, it doesn’t matter what yoyo you are using. The tool can make a difference, but IMO nearly as big a difference as your focus and habits.

Now my two recent purchases are geared towards fun as my skill levels have increased to the point where I can play with whatever yoyos I want without getting frustrated because I know I could do this on another yoyo. Also weight is important as lighter weight means playing longer.