Forum Poll: Factors That Determine Purchase Decisions

I’m curious which one of these factors is most likely to influence your yo-yo purchase. If a few of these options seem similar, just choose the one that is the closest fit. If you choose “other,” feel free to share what that is.

If you comment, don’t forget to vote. :slight_smile:

First in!
At this point, now that I have stopped collecting and only focus on yoyos that I truly enjoy to throw, I’m down to shape and weight as my primary reason for buying any yoyo. I’ve tried enough to know what I like and what I don’t like. And even when an oddball yoyo with different specs comes along and intrigues me, I’ll throw it for a while and enjoy it, but eventually, I always return to my preferred specs.

I typically look at throws based on shape, weight, size, color, and reviews.

I voted specs since I most closely feel that option matches what would matter most, though shape comes in a close 2nd and color a closer 3rd.

I tend to look at shape and weight before I look further into the yoyo though, then I look at specs, then reviews, and finally color. I suppose that if multiple companies made my dream yoyo, and I could only buy it from one, being from CLYW would influence that decision… I don’t know, I guess their sense of humor, and overall marketing really wins me over, for sure their sense of humor made me look into them heavily when I first got into yoyos (I also love the MarkMont Classic review ad). Doesn’t hurt that CLYW makes a heck of a throw, but I’m not thinking that they are the best and only company that makes worth while stuff, I just really like what they put out there. If I were going to go for a performance machine, I’d take the money from buying multiple throws, and go buy some bimetal hype monster that I’m sure is worth it, but not really my thing.

In order for me to buy a retail yoyo these days, it will have to have specs that really appeal to me. This is almost certainly going to mean a yoyo under 65 grams and typically midsized (max of ~54mm diameter and ~42 width.

On the BST I’ll try just about anything for the right price.

I like to get things that are unique to my collection, whether it be design, or material. But I also like to get some stuff that have gotten good reviews. If the yoyo fits either of those categories and I can find it for a good deal then I’ll get it.

I voted for design, but there is no one reason I buy a yoyo.

I’m enjoying reading these. I voted for color.

When I was just playing, I valued specs the most, same as Mike. But, as collecting became a focus, color seemed to take over. With about 120 throws in the same color scheme, and most of the others in smaller groups by color as well, color is the clear winner. Third for me, is my favorite company made it. If a certain company makes the yo-yo, I may not guarantee it suits all my preferences, but it will still be a nice player and fun guaranteed. The funny thing is, it just so happens that my favorite company makes my specs often, and they offer my favorite colors the most too. So all my top factors coincide.

My top 3 in this order:

  1. Color
  2. Specs
  3. My favorite company made it

For me it’s definately the colour, as strange as it seems.

Take the following example:

I have less than zero interest in the blue/gold and grey/gold Anglams pictured here. Even if someone offered me one for half price I wouldn’t be interested… I find the colour combinations a tad offensive to my eyes.

On the flipside, when I saw the silver w/red rings version, I actively searched around till I could find one and then bought it straight away, even though I previously hadn’t given much thought to the Anglam CC as a yoyo I would want.

So to me it’s all about colour. There are many throws out at the moment that have a shape and specs that I’m interested in, but I haven’t bought yet because I’m not drawn in by any of the current colourways (Space Cowboy, Aviator, Cyborg, Berserker CC, Laser just to name a few). :-X

After colour, I’d probably say that design was the next big thing for me. It takes a very special colourway to make me buy a yoyo that I really don’t like the design of, whereas on the flipside if I see a yoyo that has a very interesting design to me (Tropic Spins Shipwreck for instance), I may allow a bit more wiggle room for specific colourways. :slight_smile:

I was a bit surprised at my realization about color too. Also, I searched high and low for that grey/gold Anglam cc you didn’t like. :smiley: Preferences are so funny that way.

I went design i like new interesting shapes but if if i could vote more then once i would go colow then price… price is always a factor when one doesnt have that much money.

All of the above

color first…


Since I hardly buy new yoyos anymore, and I’ve never really been concerned with new releases, most of the yoyos I buy tend to be ones I’ve already tried before and know I will enjoy.

All of those are a factor for me. I like CLYW there funny they have a good marketing strategy they own a pet yeti and they make good yoyo’s so when CLYW makes a new throw I’m naturally kinda drawn to it. I don’t buy every CLYW ever made but at some point along the way I’ve wanted almost all of there returntops(oh my! I just said returntop instead of yoyo with out thinking about it).

Shape is also a factor for me I like to buy different shapes I mostly go for organic and V I don’t really like extreme H shapes as much.

Color is also a factor for me about a week ago I bought a USA Shutter not only because the shutter is a great budget mettle but because when I saw that color I started to drool (not litterally) it looked so amazing in person I just had to get it.

Specs I don’t look at too closely to me they are just a bunch of random numbers sometimes I kinda pay attention to them but not really.

If I can try a yoyo before I buy it I’ll always take up that offer becaues if I hadnt gotten to try quite a few of my yoyo’s before I bought them I don’t think they would be in my collection to this day.

As far as signatures not so much I don’t really care who’s signature it is I just care if I like the yoyo or not.

I think thats pretty much it for me very interesting topic TA this really got me thinking.

The answer you give is going to be a reflection on what stage of the yoyo experience you are at. Beginners will be able to lump many of the criteria together where advanced players will be gravitating toward just one criteria for purchase options. Regardless of experience we all want a throw which performs and is attractive. Being less experienced I picked reviews. I do not know the characteristics of many type of yoyo’s and I rely on reviews to help me decide what to purchase. I’m sure if I had tried and owned everything I would be looking for something that is differnet.

Color, I love silver/clear/nickel yoyos.

What factor is “most” likely to determine your yo-yo purchases?

(In importance labeled from 1-10, 10 being most influential)

Price: This is a 9. I can’t spend much on yoyos so yeah
Reviews: I usually look at these before I buy, so they’re probably a 7.
Color :10. To be honest if there isn’t a color I like, even though all of the above fits I will not buy it. I like my yoyos to be able to be looked at as well as played, and if I won’t like seeing it as much as all my other yoyos then it isn’t really justifiable to buy ::slight_smile:
I’m as guilty as yall when color comes in. It just doesn’t feel right to buy something that’s not YOUR color and that you feel will stay looking nice forever