How important is the colorway in deciding to buy a yoyo?


I am interested to know how much of a deciding factor this is in the yoyos you buy.

Would you by a yoyo if the last one in stock was a colorway you didn’t like?

Would you buy an incredible colorway if you didn’t like the yoyo?

For me it’s almost negligible. The only reason I consider the colorway is for resale purposes.


I prefer greys, clear, raw because the neutral color makes room for using any color string without color clashing

(Justin ) #3

I will never buy a yoyo in a colorway I don’t like.

(Thomas Bellotti) #4

Hey cool topic

If it was something I really liked, I’d probably still cop with a bad colorway. Although if it was a particularly awful color, I may try to purchase one secondhand, but it’d have to be really bad.

And I’d probably also buy something I wasn’t super into if it had an amazing colorway. Again, it’d have to be some next level amazing color, but I could see myself being too drawn to the aesthetics to pass it up. The price would have to be reasonable though. I don’t think I could spend over 100 bucks on a yoyo that didn’t appeal to me, colorway or not

(InvaderDust) #5

The color is a good chunk of the experience for me. Ive had several of the same model yoyos, a Chief for instance. Ive had a Clareview Station, an Electric Bacon, a Camp Caribou Blizzard, a Brussels Sprouts, and a Zip Zop. They all played the same, but once I got that Zip Zop, it became super duper special and outstanding. I kept selling them cause, while I knew I liked how the cheif played and wanted one, when its not the right color, its loses that something that makes it just another yoyo.

(ClockMonsterLA) #6

I’m not completely consistent with this when looking back at my buying history. I tend to only buy throws that come in colorways I like, but there have been a few instances where I bought a difficult-to-acquire yoyo in a colorway I didn’t care for in order to try it out. Typically I will be on the lookout for a replacement in a colorway I do like if I end up liking the way it plays.

(David Hough) #7

For me, it depends on what’s available. There aren’t any color ways that I despise. I buy the yoyo for the performance/design aspects first and foremost. I’ve never bought a yoyo just because I loved the color either. I don’t really like raw throws, but my favorite throw, the CLYW Canvas that I have, happens to be raw. The color doesn’t stop me from playing with it at all.

({John15}) #8

I will not buy a yo-yo in a color that I do not like.

(Jacob Waugh) #9

Idrc when it comes to colors.


There has only been 2 splashes I’ve ever liked. Other than that if it’s not offered in solid I’m not buying.


It kind of depends. If it was a rare yoyo that was selling out quick AND was a shape/design that I really want, then im willing to make due with what is available. But in general im not going to buy a yoyo with a color I don’t like. I passed on quite a few just because I didnt care for how they look.

It sounds petty, but sadly I cant help but feel this way as well. If that little piece of metal flying around on a string doesn’t look cool to you, some of the enjoyment is lost. I bought a plastic purple Skyva (I like purple yoyos), but god damn was that color ugly! Thus I never really played with it. Dylan made a yoyo dyeing video a while back, and I thought what the heck. Now it looks much cooler and I actually pick it up on occasion.

(Choncworth) #12

Gotta be the right color.


I will not buy a colorway that is not pleasing. Bc I have learned I will not play with it. That said, there are few colors that I really don’t like. I will choose a less pleasing color for a better deal though.


My answer to both questions is no.


Not too important since a lot of times I’ll buy a damaged yoyo and powder coat it anyway. But if we’re looking at mint yoyos, I’d much prefer colors I like. Aesthetics is pretty important in yoyoing after all.


If it is a color I actively hate then I won’t buy it. I will buy some that aren’t necessarily my favorite if I have no other options. The good news is there aren’t too many I hate, but that bright green / black rims of the Draup Overdrive was a rare example. Not to pile on that poor yo-yo or anything :wink:


I buy yo-yos in color ways that are horribly ugly. And then I name them after people on the Forum that I can’t stand… Uh; kinda like Voodoo dolls.

Then I take them outside and play them over concrete or asphalt.

Outside; I always throw offstring. I miss a lot. The yo-yos take a beating. The harder they land; the better I feel for some reason.

It’s all about having fun🤓

(Justin ) #18

I really wanted to get one, but that color was a dealbreaker for me. Unpopular opinion: Green is the worst color for a yoyo. :crazy_face:


Thanks for that! Hardest I’ve laughed today maybe this week.

(ClockMonsterLA) #20

I put brown and yellow further down on the list of acceptable colors, but green is nowhere near the top for me either. In fact, the only green hues I like are those that lean towards blue (e.g., my Sengoku Ashigaru is quite a lovely green). Earth tones just don’t do it for me when it comes to yoyo finishes, I guess.