Why are colorways so important?

Sorry, but I HAVE to ask this. Why are colorways so important to some of you guys? I read a few things that a few people have said around the forums (not going to name anybody or the threads that they said it in), and they said that they skip out on some yoyo’s because “they don’t like the colorways”. Honestly, I think it is a bit ridiculous to skip out on a whole amazing throw that you want, just because of the colors on the yoyo. Nobody you perform for or that see’s you will most likely say “ooh that’s a cool colorway”. They’ll more likely say “Wow you’re good at yoyoing!” Colorway’s don’t change the way yoyo’s play. Now, I know its all about personal preferences, and customization, and personalization, and what not, but I seriously think that nobody should skip a throw they want because of the colorways. Feel free to disagree with me for whatever reason. But please somebody tell me why it is so important. Perhaps something I am missing.

Some people are collectors and want their collection to look a certain way. I’m not one of these people, but I would never tell anyone they were wrong for not buying a yoyo they did not want, for any reason.

Well a) i don’t like some color yoyos because they don’t show up well when playing, and b) if i’m spending a large amount of money on something it better be exactly what i want. Also lots of people who don’t yoyo have commented on some of the colorways in my collection, so it’s not totally irrelevant.

I think it would be odd not to care about how a yoyo looks. There are thousands of options when it comes to purchasing yoyos, why would someone deliberately get something that doesn’t appeal to them? I can say quite confidently that pretty much every yoyoer would own a lot less yoyos if every company released every yoyo in the same one color.

In my case there are generally a lot of yoyos that appeal to me in one way or another. I’m not going to spend 5k+ on yoyos every month picking up every one that I think I might like. Picking up the ones that appeal to me the most visually and look like they’d fit my preferences as far as play goes makes narrowing down what I purchase/trade for a lot easier.

I see where you’re coming from, but also think about this-
If people are going to spend at least $100 on a yoyo, they want it to look pretty as well as have it play well

limit how many throws they buy.
because they only collect one color yoyo.
Also basically all yoyos are on a level playing field there really hasn’t been a release of a yoyo that is in any way “Better” in lots of years. So skipping on any one yoyo isn’t really losing much, if anything at all.

I for one appreciate the art of yoyoing. That includes the color ways. For small companies they are works of art. Putting their artistic talent into the design and production of a unique platform, a yoyo.

Why I like the CLYW canvas so much. Great yoyo for expression. Probably hundreds of designs.

I really like to have nice colors. Solid red, or blue, or maybe some fades. I am not too picky but if I’m on the edge of whether I should buy a yoyo or not, the colors usually decide.

There’s your answer!

(Literally) :wink:

All of these responses are good and valid answers and helped me realize why they are so important to some. Thanks everybody! If anybody else is reading this, please feel free to add on some other reasons.

I just get what looks cool. Rare colorways mean nothing to me.

I like mostly solid colors I find it alittle stupid to pay extra because of the color way

Yeah. I mean IF I see a colorway that sticks out to me more than others, then I would obviously go for that, but I’m not going to pass up on a yoyo or dislike it any more as apposed to having a colorway that I like, just because of colors. And yeah, there is no point to pay extra for a different color. As long as they all perform the same as one another. Unless different colors weight different weights… :o

I’ve never passed on a yoyo just because of a colour way unless I think that the only colour left in stock is just hideous. I do, however, use the colour way as a tie breaker if I can’t decide between two throws.


Let’s just talk to Ms. TotalArtist and lets see the results…

Well Dragonegs, I think you’re looking for the wrong person. :smiley: I’d like to see anyone quote where I said a colorway was the single reason I passed on a throw. :-\ If you can find that quote…I sure had an off day.

I have recently posted that I own 10 Dingos, and mentioned that some of them I bought in colors you guys know I don’t usually like…green and orange. So, in fact, I have posted evidence to the contrary. So, that proves that while color is a consideration, and a strong one, it is does not dictate my purchases 100%.

I also recently posted that I didn’t buy a Pride because of the colorways and because of the specs. So, while color is a consideration, and a strong one, it is not the sole determining factor of why I would pass on a throw. I also recently posted that I passed on the Ape X. The reasons were not just the color, but the shape too.

So, as you can see from the evidence above (mostly posted in the “yo-yos passed on” thread), what the OP stated does not describe me at all. In fact, I buy yo-yos based solely on the color of them. I am the opposite of what he describes. I don’t pass based only on color, I buy at times based only on color (YoyoExpert Editions).

But, even if what he said was true as it pertains to someone else. Or, if he thinks buying based on color is ridiculous. Why would I care what he thinks? Should someone who doesn’t even know him outside of a username be offended at what he thinks? I guess a simple reply is who cares? But, he seems genuinely interested in why people think color is important, and other people have intelligently articulated those reasons to an extent that I am satisfied with.

I don’t walk in the store to by a shirt, and not consider what color it is. I bought everything I own and considered the color. My refrigerator, my stove, my couch, my clothes, my car, and…my yo-yos. And yes, I will pass on a refrigerator that doesn’t match the stove, and a couch that doesn’t match the walls or floors, and a car that has a color where dirt shows too easily, or clothes where the color doesn’t match well with my complexion. So, as stated, color is reflective of your personality, your options, and your individuality. If color didn’t matter at all, you would see every yo-yo in it’s raw state. Color, shape, weight, all of it influences purchases.

Already stated eloquently by the others. And, good job on that folks.

T.A. :wink:

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Yeh, sure, they’re amazing cars… and the colour of them doesn’t affect how they perform. But would you spend your hard earned money on one?

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That was almost certainly the first time I’ve literally burst out laughing while reading this forum. Well played.

That’s what I was going to say (without the funny pics :D).

Of course, what’s more relevant are the specs! But you are going to spend a lot of time with your yoyo, and the colorway becomes important.

The difference between those cars and yoyos is that while I am driving said car, I won’t have to look at the outside of it =P