Colorway and your decision to buy a specific yoyo...


hello ladies and gentlemen:

the last poll that I presented had way too many choices and many were very unhappy that their choice was not included so this poll is a one answer needed only poll.

I am curious because I have dumped 4 yoyo’s out of my cart this week because I though the colors sucked.

while I wanted those particular yoyo’s I simply could not get passed the color issue.

so I put it to the other members, will you buy regardless and default to another colorway or simply not buy.

thanks in advance for your participation.


ps, wish we had different smilieeesss


I voted maybe.

Of course, it all depends on the yoyo, but if a yoyo I’d like to buy doesn’t come in any appealing colors, I’ll pass/wait until the next run. The exception to this rule is with rarer yoyos - even if I don’t like the color, I may still pick one up to try it knowing that it will hold it’s retail value in the aftermarket.


If i don’t like the color, I probably won’t buy it. I never use any of my dad’s CLYW’s because I hate the colorways. He says they’re gorgeous but I cant stand any of em. On the other hand, If I’m buying a yoyo and I like the colorways, I may opt to get multiple in the future… I own 4 genesis’ because of that


No fair!


What dis guy said


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(Nova) #7

He is jealous of the fact that your father is into the same hobby that you are and thus you get twice the number of throws.


i voted yes, if it has the specs i agree with or its design has been hyped, ill buy it despite the color, now there are some throws ive purchased just due to color, but an odd color or “ugly” color will not turn me away from what i want


“Maybe,” was my vote in the poll. I might buy a yo-yo if the color is not ideal, if I’m interested in the yo-yo. If I really hate the colorway, I will probably wait until the next run. If I can tolerate looking at the colorway, and it’s just not ideal, I might still buy it, because I can use the yo-yo now and resell it when a better color becomes available. I am confident in my ability to sell things, so buying never means my money has gone to waste, if I change my mind.

Keep in mind, that I will buy a yo-yo that I’m not particularly interested in, if it is available in a certain color scheme. I have a colorway driven collection going, that crosses all manufacturers, and it forces me to try new things sometimes. Outside of that colorway driven collection, colorways play a different role entirely in my decision to buy. Overall, I generally consider color an important factor in my buying decisions.



I’m a complete colourway snob unfortunately. If a yoyo doesn’t come in a colour that I like then I just wont buy it, regardless of how much I like the design.

On the flipside, even if a yoyo doesn’t appeal to me, if I see it in an amazing colourway, then I will buy it. The way I see it I’m going to need to look at it every day, so I want it to be something that I like the look of. :slight_smile:

(Erik Kerber ) #11

I said maby because I will usually still but it as long is there’s another color that I still kinda like. Its not my favorite color but If I still like that color enough then its still worth it to me. but if there was only one color left in stock nd I hated that color I would probably wait or see if I can get it somewhere else.
I love YYE but if they don’t have what I want I usually take a peak elsware but YYE usually always has what I want.

(Former National 4A Champion) #12

I really couldn’t care less what color my yoyo is. If there are multiple colors in stock, I will choose my favorite, but if there aren’t, it’s not a big deal at all.


I’m saying colorway does matter for me because all of my yoyos look boring and uninspired not spinning. That’s why I like splash colorways, cause they look nice always. But also if it looks cool, and I have the money, I tend to buy it.


some splash is gross, look at the YYF nova… also some throws I personally like better with a solid color.


I myself feel that colorway plays a big part in choosing a new yoyo. Just like when getting a car or clothes or shoes etc. If I don’t like the colorways available, I won’t get the throw.

But, I also think that there’s a ton of people here that will buy a yoyo, regardless if they like the color or not. Take the throws from clyw for instance. They come in such limited releases, that people more then like will not get the colorway they want. But since there’s very limited quantities, and only come out like 2-3 times a year (if that…), people will but the yoyo anyway, even if they hate the colorway, just so they can say that they were one of the very few to get the new yoyo.