Do you ever NOT buy a yoyo because of the color?

I have three yoyos on my wishlist, but the available colors turn me off. Some are ugly. Some are the same color patterns as yoyos that I already own by the same manufacturer, and some are either white or raw, which I don’t want. Am I the only one that is so picky? Are there yoyos that you really want but don’t like the color?




If it ain’t R A W then it ain’t for me


And THAT’S why they should offer multiple color choices.

Under $20, I dont care what the color is.

I don’t buy a lot but colour is huge for me.

If I see gold I generally won’t buy. If I’m spending money on a yoyo half of what I want is a colorway I like the look of. I’ve also bought yoyos strictly because I like the colorway before.


I don’t know if I have run across that yet. I look more at playability than what the color is. However I would say I tend to lean more towards solid colors.

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Yeah I’ve done this. Just this last week there was one I really wanted but my favorite color was sold out as was my 2nd choice color. I tried pulling the trigger on the gold one (only color of the 3 left) but just couldn’t bring myself to do it.

On the opposite spectrum, if I see a yoyo in brown chances are I’m buying it whether I was looking to get one or not.

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Yep, I generally do not like splashes. I can count on one hand, and have fingers left over, the number of splashes I actually like.


Some colors are just not appealing.


Needing a particular color is kind of a psychological thing. Sometimes we psych ourselves out by thinking we can’t perform well without a certain thing. For example I have a tendency to think that if I do not wear workout clothes during yoyo session then I will not perform as well. I know that it makes no difference wether I wear athletic shorts or a pair of jeans but I still feel the need to do it.

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lol color is the first thing I check when hunting for my next throw.
Goofy? Maybe. I’m pretty proud of my ever growing green collection though.


I think Ive seen a picture of that on the other thread. That’s a crazy collection!

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twice ive bought yoyos i wanted in colors i didnt like. The overall experience was dimished and i sold them shortly after. But on the other hand, ive sold yoyos that were too pretty to play comfortably.


If you look good

You feel good

If you feel good

You play good

If you play good



Definitely a big part of the decision making, I’ll wait three times as long to find a color I want. Sometimes just looking for a specific throw and I’ll settle for my favorite but the wrong one can be a complete decision breaker

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A month or so ago I was looking at the C3 astrea and I was really interested in how it plays based on how it looks and what not. The big turn off was the colors, but I swallowed my pride and copped a gold on white one and its slowly starting to grow on me.

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NGL I try to stay away from any yoyo containing orange except for a select few. I like most other colors, but the pink/green shutter fade looks like legit poop when it spins

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Colour is the last thing I consider when buying a yoyo.

If there’s lots to choose from then sure, I’ll pick one that I like, but there’s never been a time I’ve decided against buying a yoyo just because it didn’t come in the colour I wanted.