Buying a yoyo because of its colour?

I’m kind of curious. Have you ever bought a yoyo that you wouldn’t normally buy, but the colour changed your mind? Or conversely, have you ever passed on buying a yoyo because you didn’t like any of the colours available? Personally, I bought an Edge Ultimatum because I loved the black and silver with pink splash. Might pass on the Mowl Nocturnal until later, because the colours really just don’t appeal to me.


I constantly pass due to not liking the colors. MFD is all too busy for me so unless I find a sweet deal I’ll likely never buy one. Atmos makes some sick throws by all accounts but those colors are all a little too subdued, I guess? Would have loved a black option from them, or a brighter solid of any of their finishes. Been passing on a Slam Dunk from Jake because I don’t like any of the colors he’s got left, lol.

Edit: This extends to engravings as well. That newest Mowl is hideous. YYF has some awful uninspired art, same as Duncan. All seems stuck in the 00’s or 10’s and is way too cheesy.


I couldn’t agree more. It really is unfortunate. There are some cool looking yo-yos, but the colour or engraving completely ruins the overall aesthetic. Still think I may pick up the Mowl, eventually. Probably gonna get a Galaxy Diver 7075 first, though. The cool shape more than makes up for the engraving, on that one.

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C3 does some good stuff. I have a list of things I want and the Galaxy Diver is definitely on it. So is a Surveil, and the one Mowl hasn’t gotten to this side of the Pacific yet the Vigilancia. They have busy engravings but they look good. The PLVS VLTRA is a mess.

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Buy all the yo-yos.


I have limited funds and with so many yoyos avalable, I’m unlikely to purchase unless it clicks all the boxes.


Color isn’t a deciding factor for me unless it’s a yoyo I’m already on the fence about. I’m fine with just about any solid color. The exception is bright pink, if that’s the only color available then I’ll probably skip it.


I have been trying to find a Mardi Gras color way Parlay I have been searching since I missed the release more than a year. Sill looking

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The right yoyo in the wrong color is the wrong choice.


I will give you guys a serious bit of information>


A few years ago, I spent a $Bundle$ on an Invisible yo-yo.

I stumbled and dropped it on the way home and have never found it.

It’s the saddest day of my life.


The PLVS Ultra sold out on YYE before I even realized it existed, lol.


I have never bought a yoyo because of color, but I have refrained from purchasing due to color. A company’s laser engravings especially keep me from buying. It’s probably my own bias, but C3 is a company I own nothing by, because I just do not like their busy engravings and they look slightly cheap.

However, I would purchase an RSO that was boo-boo brown speckled, so take my opinion with a grain of salt. That’s a brand I feel compelled to catch them all.


For me, it’s clear and rainbow rims that get me. I’m always constantly looking for better looking clear and rainbow rim yo-yos.


I don’t think I’ve ever skipped a yoyo because of its colour, but it’s definitely a big part of my decision of what to get first. There are so many great yo-yos, that it’s hard to choose, at times. I can understand if some people don’t like C3’s engravings. I’ve found that the C3 throws I have look way better in person, kinda classy and elegant. Their Bastet 2 in gold is absolutely beautiful.

Mowl Nocturnal is awfully uggo. Why TF is there a sun on a yoyo named after being active at night time?


At this point, I have more throws than I can… throw…

I’ve got high end stuff, low end stuff and a bunch of the middle. So, when I buy a new throw, a lot goes into how it looks, not as much as how it plays mind you, but looks are definitely a deciding factor. There has to be one in a color I like. I love the engravings and splashes. It needs to be done well and not just thrown on there. #OPYY is one of my favorite manufacturers, so bright pink is great to me. They stand out and are easy to see when you throw them.

I guess play is king, good looks are a close second but I would pass up buying a new throw if I really didn’t care for the color.


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That was definitely a weird thing, putting a sun on the Nocturnal, lol. I kind of like the engraving, though. Kinda psychedelic, which I definitely love. I just wish the colours matched the name or engraving better. Neither colour combo invokes a feeling of night, or the sun, to me.