How much does Color affect how much you like a throw?

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(also posted on r/throwers with great response! so i figured id ask here as well. I ask because I used to own a Chief. It was nice, I liked it just fine. I got it in a trade deal that I wasnt really looking for that certain yoyo, and I wasnt really fond of the color, but hey it was a good deal. I kept it for a while, played it a bit and the it hit the shelf. Not that it wasnt a good thrown, its pretty iconic for the brand, it played unlike anything else in my collection (heavy in the hand but light on the string), but I just didnt “love” it. I really liked it, but ended up selling it not too long after.
I didnt miss it either. Fast forward many months I find a fresh posting on the BST and see a color combo I had not seen before and it was love at first sight, saw that it was a Chief and I was lucky enough to be able to snag it up.
Been throwing it all night and Im smitten. It looks SO good and it got me thinking. Not my first chief, but this one i like alot better. They both played the same, but I doubt Ill ever get rid of this one.


I have a curvy donut man that I’m not the biggest fan of the color, however the yoyo is my favorite at the moment. It just plays so well to me that i over look that factor. If I had one in a colorway I liked more, in addition to the one I have, I would for sure throw the one with the cooler colorway.


When my collection was much larger, I didn’t care as much, but generally preferred solid colors. Now that I’ve reduced and refined my collection to only my “must haves”, color plays a much larger role in whether I keep a yo-yo or not, or whether I buy it in the first place. Engravings and surface finish can also play a big role.

As a recent example, I’m highly interested in the design of the Peak 2, but none of the colors in the initial release were interesting to me. I’ll be holding off on that until they put out some solid colors, or maybe some of their older colorways.

In the past, I had a black SPYY Addiction v2 that I really liked, but ended up selling or trading at one point. Later, I got a green acid wash version, but just didn’t like it as much as the black version.

Another example, I had one each of the Bapezilla.2, Viszilla, and Stealthzilla in my collection at the same time. All exactly the same design and specifications, but different colors and slightly different surface finishes. I liked the Stealthzilla > Viszilla > Bape.2.


I have bought yoyos solely on colorways before. Then learned how great it played. But never would of know had because all the other available colors didn’t appeal to me. Example would be my Compass or my Rebirth.
I know it seems silly to just buy based on color. But in a way, if it isn’t pleasing to you (visually) it might not get used. I probably wouldn’t have my peak 2, but since I got the opportunity for a beach party. I got it and love it. I guess just because I’m getting tired of seeing all the fades. I’m ready to see the splashes and speckles with wild color combos come back.

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YAY for splashes and speckles!


Exactly! I’m ready for the fade fad to be over. The only fades I’ve liked so far are my Snowcone compass and manatee. I think mainly because it’s a tri color. Which gives a cool two tone effect when spinning. G2Jake definitely kills it with the swirls he does. I have a banshee but would love a bright swirl one.


Most of the time color way doesn’t matter to me. Only time it bothers me is when the yo-yo isn’t very visable, ex: Milkshake Big Dipper on tan background.


Same, there are a few fades that I do like however :slight_smile:


I could agree.


I’ve had over 100 yoyos. I’d say I’ve gotten 90% of them off of the BST.

So color doesn’t really matter to me. I currently have a Kenshin and I’m really not a fan of the colorway but I love the yoyo. The colorway doesn’t really affect how much I enjoy the yoyo. Although I might prefer looking at a yoyo that’s a nice colorway, as far as yoyoing goes, once I start throwing it the color’s almost completely irrelevant to me.

I will say though in response to some of the previous posts that I highly prefer fades over splashes and speckles. I’ve been that way since I’ve started throwing. I’m just not a fan; it’s not often a splash looks really good to me. Most of the time I’d go for a solid before a splash.


I definitely go for solid colors. Yoyos have their own aesthetic, I like the feels, the looks, and the sound. It all combines to make a pleasurable pastime.

My fav color is the red with gold rims iyoyo steel. The black kenshin comes in a close second for me.


Actually color does affect how much I like a yoyo.

The more green I have in my wallet; the more I might like a yoyo🤓



Or, the more green I have, the less I seem to like my current yoyos…


for me, a color of a yoyo can change the way I feel about it. But when your living day to day off bread crumbs just to get by, then for me it doesn’t matter the color. As long as I enjoy the yoyo itself. I’m pretty happy


I look at it this way: When you are playing with the yoyo you can not see what color it is. You just know that you are enjoying it.


I bought a black 2016 Superstar pretty much based on looks 6 months ago with some birthday money. I knew it would play good enough for my skill level so I went for it.

It sits on my desk at home( when I’m not throwing it) and pretty much every time I look at it I smile inside. It’s my first metal and I don’t see ever buying another yoyo but I’m sure lots of people have said that.

Anyway… love you Superstar.

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Well my Chief is gone already. Our time spent was dense and frequent but very short. My favorite colorway will be very difficult to obtain again, but I got an offer I could not refuse. I should really stay off the BSTs sometimes lol

nah, im really excited. I feel like an honorary collector now.


If I had the funds and opportunity BBB chief is my favorite.


I don’t know but I am more into solid colors only. :slight_smile:


Some people are affected like that by the colours. In a way a good colour of preference and a good throw complement eachother.

I once bought a WM2, it was the last one around the time when they discontinued it. It was in Electric Bacon, which I wasn’t a big fan of, but I love the throw so much now. It’s possible that I might like even more if I had it in the colour of my choice.