Does looks matter to you?

I’m sure this topic has been here before, but I can’t find it - so here we go.

Does the way a yoyo looks matter to you? How important is the looks when deciding to buy a new yoyo?
For me, it’s actually pretty important. It wasn’t like this with the first few yoyo’s I got. Back then I just wanted to be sure it was a “good buy” - and that it could handle more advanced tricks.

It’s not like I have a huge collection. I’ve “only” got 5 yoyos, but because I don’t feel like I “need” any more yoyo’s, I pay more attention to what the yoyos looks like. If I am going to buy a new throw, I want it to look good. I would never buy one of those super wide yoyo’s, simply because I hate the way it looks. I don’t like splash or most other fancy paint effects - so those yoyo’s are not for me. Solid color is the way to go. And not just any color. My next throw needs to be purple!

i could care less about color like i would get a pink yoyo if it was a good playing yoyo idc… shape is the biggest cosmetic thing for me like i dont like rounded shapes i like more h shaped and angular shapes…

logos and acid washes and finishes dont urge me to buy a yoyo its all about shape and performance

I tweak so hard on the way my yoyo looks…it still bothers me that I ended up having to get a dark blue DM2…I really wanted an orange one but I’m going to die it black when I get some new o-rings for it

You could make the absolutely undisputed yoyo ever and I wouldn’t buy it if it was in colors I didn’t like. The main reason I only have one CLYW is because their colors usually suck toes.

It’s shape first for me, but it definitely has to look cool too! I really wanted a OD 54 and I waited for the perfect color.

Well the whole reason i play with my yoyo and learn new tricks is because they look cool right? I mean its nice to know ive got the skill to land a certain trick, but half the reason i do it is to show other people because i think it looks cool.

So in my opinion a cool looking yoyo is very important. Obviously i wouldnt get a good looking yoyo if it performed poorly, but i would certainly be more enclined to buy it if it looked how i wanted it to :slight_smile:

Play first. Look second.

This goes for damage too.

Not really but if I can get it acid wash thats good. Since it hides dings real well.
Other then that no not at all.

He said exactly what I was thinking.

for me, I find the yoyo I want and then I choose the best color available.

My preference runs to body style or shape. I guess that comes down to looks to some degree.

YES! Yoyo’s accomplish the same things for me so my choice is usually based 50% on how it looks.

To an extent, yes. But you can’t polish a turd!

You CAN, actually.

And no, looks don’t matter much to me.

Yes looks is very important! Especially color! Having the color I want makes me like the yoyo at least 75% more.

I dont mind colors, usually… Sometimes I steer away from a barf green… But ima shape guy, I love things with a slight H/ angular shape, or something like the boss, classic rounded with a smooth gap, no edge to the gap like the skyline has ( I can tolerate the one for the 888, or dm) and of course I like the severe shape… Yeah… The severe is awsome…

As someone stated before, they matter to a degree.

I pick the yoyo I want and pick the best color available.

Unless the yoyo is amazing, yes. i would not buy an ugly yoyo cough green coloured yoyo cough

ugh I think I have swine flu :stuck_out_tongue:

If I see a yoyo with a bad paint job, I will hardly spare it a glance. I love acid washes with splashes like caribou lodge yoyos!!!

Looks matter a lot to me for one reason : I have yet to buy a yoyo that’ doesn’t play well… So when I want to buy a new one it has to be pwetty. ;D
I really wanna try a CLYW but most of their colorways I don’t really like, and the ones I do like are sold out most of the time… So I’ll wait until I can grab one of the nicer colorways…