How do you decide which yo-yo to buy?


There are so many yo-yos out there, what criteria do you use to pick one? For me, I decided to get the Recess First Base (Because as someone starting over again, it came with a responsive and unresponsive bearing). I then wanted to see how a metal yo-yo felt and after reading several good things on here about the Shutter- I went with that. Then I was curious to see what a heavier yo-yo played like and bought a 70g Radical Seas Set Sail. Also, I wanted to learn finger spins and decided to get a Skyva. Now, I’m not sure what yo-yo to buy next! I was thinking if I wanted to go with something different a Core Co. Standard but on the other hand, there are a lot of good reviews on the Terrarian! Having a yo-yo based on a video game would be neat. So many choices! :slight_smile:


I made a list and then bought everything on that list.


Mainly the ones I want to learn to design to.


I tried for a variety to see what I like. Different companies, materials, shapes, weights. Used recommendations too. I ended up with
horizon (yyf, 6061, h, heavy),
shuta (Yyf, 7075),
kenshin (sengoku, 6068, v, light)
steel (iyoyo, h, heavy, bimetallic),
kuntosh (od, w, unique feel, highly recommended),
manatee clyw, w, well recommended)

What I learned is I like v shape, light, 6068. My favs are the kenshin and kuntosh.

I am pretty happy with this collection, but am considering the space crown ultra and kuntosh qv


Over the last year I’ve bought and trade for about 80 yoyos. I tried pretty much whatever I could get my hands on. Here is what I would recommend doing:

Try any quality yoyo you can get your hands on that you think looks fun :wink:

I was going to write a long list of what to get but then thought who cares. It’s about having fun so buy what looks fun to you. You may get some you really dislike. Those you will trade. You may get some you absolutely love! Those you play till they are completely unplayable. You may get some that are meh. You play those over protective surfaces so that they are still decent enough to trade if you decide you don’t want.
Finding and refining your collection and likes is a lot of the fun so don’t minimize your search too much right off the bat, buy what looks cool, different, and fun.


The next yoyo you need to buy is the OD Kuntosh 5000QV. Best mono-metal I’ve played.


Well at t his point, I pick up any 09 severe I can get, and all the pad reccessed fhMg I can get. Outside that I buy throws from company’s my friends own, or design for. recently got one for a campaign to raise money for medical bills.

Back when what was on the end of the string mattered I picked up stuff with not too much rim weight or too wide of a gap.


I just buy them all

I wish


It is about either experience or curiosity.

I have bought/played so may different shapes and sizes that I can tell what I will like just by the specs and the shape. Even now; some yo-yo’s completely surprise me.

If a yo-yo comes out that has a shape that I think will suit my play and might have superior performance to what I currently own - I will buy it. If a yo-yo comes out that I am totally perplexed by when trying to imagine how it plays - I will buy it just to see how it does play. I am 53; I can do that. I recognize that others might not be so old and foolish.

As your funds will allow, you have to try different shapes and sizes. You will quickly start to zero in on what pleases you as a player. If you take care of them they can be re-sold when you are ready to buy something else. A mint yo-yo will always find a home for a decent price. Be aware that if you buy a nice, high-quality (usually expensive) yo-yo and keep it in good shape, it will quickly find a home on BST. Good, expensive yo-yo’s will sell better than an ultra popular $50 yo-yo that every kid in the world has; when you go to sell it.

Keep you eyes on Buy Sell Trade for new yo-yo shapes you would like to try. That will cut down on costs and give you a feedback for any new trades you want to make.

Enjoy the journey. :slight_smile:


I wait for One Drop to make a yoyo. Then I buy it. It’s a simple system but works out great every time.


And miss the entire bi-Metal revolution too!


I’m considering the CLYW Manatee, OD Terrarian, OD Prescription, and the Core Co. Standard


In an attempt to help the OP and answer the original question, why did you decide you want to try to buy them?


Core Co. Standard because it is made of a different material (Delrin shell). A few members told me the Manatee would be different from my Shutter so I would like to have variety to my collection. The 2 ODs because I have heard good things about them on here and through Youtube reviews (Also OD seems to be a well-liked brand). I’m also curious about the side effects.


I actually go with the research approach. When a new yo-yo comes out, I will try to learn more about it through reviews and videos. If the info given is on par with what I would think would be a good yo-yo for me, then I go ahead and buy it. My criteria does not generally revolve around anything, with that said I think every yo-yo company out there is awesome and they all have something different to offer, so I will tend to look into yo-yo’s from many brands.

An example of this approach would be the Magic Yoyo Skyva. When it came out I became interested due to the finger spin hub being considered on of the best for fingerspin tricks. After watching reviews by Mike Montgomery and Brando Vu, I decided to buy it due to the positive reviews I saw as well as the low price. I also had not had a yo-yo by Magic Yoyo so I was happy to buy it.


Review - Once a yoyo caught my attention, I will dig up the reviews available online as much as I can. Or ask the people around.
Curiosity - There are specific yoyos that I have that have less review (some have none) available. Now if its specs are something really interesting, unique or fun, then it is possible that that yoyo will be added to cart
The Company - There are companies that gained your trust. Or plainly just known them that they do make fun yoyos. Just to add that you love giving all out support to that company.


I’m totally fine with that.


I prefer the “Eeny, meeny, miny, moe” method


My method is usually this:

Was it made by One Drop, Anti Yo, 44RPM, Hildy Bros. or TMBR?
Yes? Then Buy it

No? Do I like the shape? If yes then I buy it.

I’m pretty simple to please :slight_smile:

I don’t buy bi-metals, they’re wasted on me (with the exception of the CLYW Gorge, LOVE that yoyo). I don’t buy the no wall/V shaped yoyos.

But I’ve got so many at this point I’m going to be pretty selective from here on out.


I’m going to have to add the Kuntosh5000QV and Top Deck to the list as well based on reviews. I plan on making a purchase next month… so, maybe whatever has the coolest color available will be the one that I buy haha.