Recent purchase

I recently ordered a yyj legacy 2 and an asteroid from yoyoexpert. I was looking for unresponsive for a good price. Based on reviews I read both of them seemed like very good choices. I haven’t really thrown since high school and I’m 24 now so it’s been a while. Looking for a little feed back on what you guys think of my choices.

Fantastic choices! Probably couldn’t have chosen two better throws starter throws! The two bearings that come with the legacy should come in handy.


Thanks man hoping to be in Orlando, Florida for the contest in August. Gotta brush off the rust and polish up on some new stuff.

Those two yoyos are perfect for a beginner!

Make sure to have plenty of string, though. Most newcomers get excited buying yoyos, but forget to buy extra string. You’ll want to change your string after every 5-10 hours of play to avoid breaks and sub-par performance.

Also, you may want to look into bearing maintenance. Eventually you’ll have to clean one of your bearings to keep it spinning smoothly, so read up on it for a little while so you’re not surprised or ill-equipped when the time comes.

Good luck and have fun!

5-10 hours? No way I change my string that frequently. :wink: Then again, I have a bucketload of “boutique” strings that use… er… trilobal…? thread…? The slick stuff. It’s usually highly durable as well. I’ve never worn out a Dragon string, I’ve just gotten bored of having it on a particular throw and changed it out. :wink:

As for your choices, they seem solid. Most people ask this question BEFORE buying, though. :wink: In a way, I have to commend you for sidestepping that quagmire of recommendations!

Yeah why ask before when I can read and collect facts on yoyos instead of opinions. I like those after I make my decisions it’s way more fun that way :slight_smile:

Wish there were more people like you!


This world would be too crazy if there were too many smart ppl like me :slight_smile: and on the string note 100x 100% poly coming with my order as well I’m getting prepared for some serious yoyo time

1 100 Count - 100% Polyester YoYoExpert String (White - 100 Count)EXP_100POLY-2 10.99 1 Adegle Asteroid (Green) ADEG_ASTEROID-2 12.99
1 Monkeyfinger Monkey Snot (Pearl Purple) MONKEY_SNOT-9 7.00 1 YYJ Legacy II (Black) YYJ_LGCY2-4 23.85
1 YYJ Shims (Gray Shims (Thin)) YYJ_shims_gray 1.00 1 TWO FREE | YoYoExpert Trading Card Packs FREE GIFT 0.00
Might as well post everything I ordered lol

This is actually a really good purchase, because when you advance far enough to want an all metal throw, you’ll have a couple of good plastics for beaters or 5A. About the only thing you really didn’t need are the yyj shims, because both the yo-yos you got have huge gaps

Yeah the shims were for something else wasn’t sure that they would work but I said hey was a dollar and got them anyways

Any incite on future throws I might want to look into? I’m already working on the advanced moves with what I have so when I get my new stuff ill prolly breeze through that to the next level.

Budget metal unresponsive, perhaps?

Yeah that would be next step. The metal fhz comes recessed right I could just slap some silicone in it and it would a good direction right? I have seen those in toys r us near me.

Pad recessed, not silicone recessed. I would look into picking up any of the C sized bearing Yomegas if you want to grab something locally (like at Toys R Us) but if you are willing to place an order I would grab a DI Base2.


Your talking like the maverick or the dash, right? Read into those a lot of info from what I read all points toward junk! Lol, I just read a good amount on that c3 yoyo you said sounds good ill prolly read some more first but Im thinking that will prolly be in like July ill pick up a decent metal one so plenty of time for research. What about hybrids? I had a hit man like 6 years ago lost it thou I liked it.

Hybrids are a great midpoint! Can’t go wrong with a Dark Magic 2 or a cerberus. I LOVE my Cerberus so much I actually own 3 of them!

And the New Yomega mavericks and Dashes are not Junk now that they got an upgrade.

I think that the only decent all metal yoyo I ever threw was a Duncan mg freehand and honestly I didn’t like it that much. Not to mention metal hurts when it snags and snaps back where as the hybrids won’t kill you if they come flying back a little wacky. Dm2 read a lot about it goods and bads seems like decent yoyo unless you get one of the faulty ones.

I highly recommend the Cerberus.


Ill look into it thanks for the recommendation.