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The metal fhz, and the drifter(both budget metal yoyos from duncan.) won’t even come close to playing as good as the yoyos you just ordered.
I really like the new maverick, but it will also not play any better then the yoyos you ordered. I would say equal too but not better.
If I was you I would go the BST route and see what you can get your hands on there. Start trading back and forth with people and you will get a lot of yoyos in your hand in a short amount of time. Before you know it you will be well versed on newer yoyos and know what you like or don’t like.
Take the word better I used up there to mean I like them better. yoyos are yoyos, the yoyo you hate the most may be the next person favorite. Just kinda’ how they are.

Thanks for that info the only issue with that is from what I’ve seen people sell a lot of the yoyos on BST are for close to the same amount as retail so I can’t really see paying the same price for someone’s old yoyo. When I get my hands on some other ones down the line I might be down for trading thou. But I do see what your saying I might be able to find some deals on there.

Chapman glove from another store

2 more YYJ Theories and 2 kk bearings from YYE.

EDIT: I really gotta start reading all of the thread (/.)

Um did you post here just based off what the title said?

No,… Maybe,… yes,…


Is it just me, or am I the only one that is super surprised that nobody said, “You should have gotten a Classic?”


I think your next step should be to buy an Anglam or a Titanium yoyo. Even better, you should buy a C3 BTH.

I’m gonna disagree with you one the metal drifter - I stuck a clean a sized bearing (terrapin if you’re curious, but doesn’t have to be an expensive one, so long as it’s clean), and replaced the friction stickers with 1 thin duncan irPad, and it becomes very very fun undersized throw, it plays very well. i agree that it kinda sucks stock though.

Dv888 might be worth checking out, as well. Or the recrev line. Pay attention to specs, you might enjoy full size throws more, given your age. I know i do, Snd i’m 24 as well :smiley:

The bst is hit and miss, the yoyos that are popular are harder to get for cheap. but you can pick up the ones with a ding or two for cheap, and trading is a good route. So just look around and pick things up that are not close to retail. I have got so many yoyos for less then half retail its possible just look around.
You disagree with me in what way about the drifter in the way that I don’t like it but you think I do?
Or the way where it has no possible way of out performing those other two yoyos he already got?

I’m really enjoying all this feedback it’s helping me out I might not respond but I read everything I get email updates every time someone posts. The metal drifter I have seen do some pretty amazing can’t agree or disagree to those comments. BST for me is still up in the air when I get a few more throws I might trade idk about buying a lot of people ask for cash so I would think about making a PayPal just for that.