A little help buying a few yoyo's!


Hello, everyone! :slight_smile:

I was counting on all you yoyo experts out there to maybe point me in the right direction in terms of what throws to buy. My current collection is really small and consists of; YYF Northstar, YYJ Fiesta XX and Duncan Bumblebee. I started out yoyoing by trying all the different styles (Except for 3a, doesn’t really appeal to me) and figured my favorite was 1a. Although 4a is VERY fun. I’ve been looking for a new (preferably metal) throw to add to my collection, and I’m also getting one for christmas. I don’t have a price range, it can be anyone you can think of. I like full sized, heavy yoyo’s but that’s probably because the only yoyo I have (Northstar) is heavy at nearly 70g and is of course full sized.

Anyway, my point is; I don’t really have any preferences at this point, considering I haven’t had that many chances to try different yoyo’s.

My question in a nutshell;
What would your recommendation from the YYF Premium list or CLYW be? Or would you recommend something outside of those two?

For christmas, I know I want a One Drop. I’ve been in love with the One Drop line for a long time now, but I want the anticipation of waiting for one for christmas. So please, don’t recommend me one for getting now. :slight_smile:



I personally would go with the 888x, i have around 23 or so yoyo’s and im in depth with all of them. I use each of them daily (for the most part). My favorite would be my 888x 2010 edition. Also i really like my Dark Magic but the stock bearing was pretty bad, so i replaced it with the KK and it sleeps pretty long. But the best sleep i got from my 888x is 2:09 Minutes. But brand/quality of the yoyo plays a small part, what matter’s is the Yoyo’er. Cheer’s bro :slight_smile:


Bear vs Man


Any CLYW kicks more a$$ than a donkey soccer team. Get one, you’ll love it.


I also think that the Bear vs Man is a great first metal. It was my first high-end yoyo and I still consider it my favorite.


I’ve played just about every yyf metal, and currently own about 42 yoyos in total. Of all yyf metals, I think the best yoyo in your current situation is the yyf genesis. Choose it hubstacked or not. I have multiple of both, and the only difference is weight. If you have the extra cash, get the hubstacked. You can always remove the hubstacks. Also, is he hubstacks don’t appeal to you, don’t waste 20 bucks on em. It’s your choice, but I would recommend the genesis.


If you have to have yoyofactory I would definitely go for a Supernova Lite or Genesis(I love and have both). But if you don’t have to have those I would try the rec rev mangaroo. They are still in stock and cheap at only 70$. I recieved mine today and it is great at horizontal play and whips also one of the top 10 smoothest yoyos I own. the only downside of it is that the binds were a little slippy for me but that could be the type of string I use(at the time50/50 but normally 100% poly).


just realized that the avant garde may just be perfect for you. On the other hand it’s like 120 bucks. I’d go for the genesis, but the avant garde is a great yoyo and you might want to keep an eye on it for future refrences, or just if you would rather that than the genesis. Good luck!


Now THAT looks like my kinda yoyo! Never realized this was even here! Can’t find any good reviews on it, though… Only a few videos of some random people using it.


thats cause its fairly new and not many people have it. i do have it, and its an amazing throw. it plays similar to a genesis, but it is a little more rounded, and it has a lighter feel to it. go for it!


I have an Avant Garde. I would say it’s a try-before-you-buy kind of yoyo. I don’t think it’s as stable as yoyo’s like the Genesis (I would say that it’s less stable than your Northstar). But I personally find it more comfortable to use. I think it’s a fine yoyo, but it didn’t blow me away.

If you want something full size and that has some weight to it, take a look at the ILYY Falcon. Has a great grinding surface, super smooth, very stable, and I find it quite comfortable. This is one that I really was blown away with.

But if you’re going with CLYW, I’m sure you’ll be very happy with it. Try a Sasquatch.


I wish I could… But I am the only person I know of in my province that even owns a yoyo. Needless to say, even though I’m at intermediate to advanced tricks, I blow peoples minds because they’ve never seen anything like it. :wink: But yeah, I definitely have no way to try out yoyo’s. :frowning:


yeah i remember when i was at about the advanced trick section and i was just about learning the double or nothing. people go crazy when they see things like the atomic bomb or boingy boing. now my friends who are used to it just yawn when i do like a spirit bomb to a superman to a ladder escape with a regen then white buddha into a gyro flop. gyro flop just may be the one trick that blows peoples minds even if they’ve seen how good you are. i see people post things about how they have to teach themselves how to yoyo and stuff and how they have nobody near them or even in their state who yo-yos seriously. i find myself lucky since i have a dad who yo-yos. he’s even on the forums sometimes. he still pretends like he’s better than me. anyways, for the OP, tell us when you decide which yoyo to get! i still vote avant garde.