Which yoyo factory throw


Hey all. I was wanting to get a yyf. I already have a popstar but that’s just like a for fun throw not a practicing throw. So, I was wondering wich one. I was looking at the 888 but I thought I should expand my looking options. Price isn’t a big deal, I mean it can’t be super expensive. I was thinking around 60 - 90 bucks. Help is wanted.


Did you remove your previous post announcing you intended to buy an 888x?

Did you have any brands in mind or any lower price limits? The way I see it, all throws are fun throws, serious throws and practice throws, I don’t really differentiate. Yes, I’m practicing a lot right now with a Phenom. Why spend the money if I’m not willing to toss that sucker around, am I right?

I’ll just go with what I know and what I’ve got and I get the impression you’re a big YYF fan. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with YYF. They make great stuff. SO keep in mind I make recommendations based on what I have or am planning to get.

The Protostar and Northstar are great and fun and are serious players. You can use them for whatever you want to use it for. They are also $35 each. The shapes are identical, but the Northstar is the heavier of the two.

I think my DieNasty is fun, plus the glow in the dark just adds a feature for throwing in the dark. It’s fairly inexpensive as well, I think around $24?

The PGM is another fun one. I don’t really use the hubstacks for anything yet, but hey, there’s a whole world of new options there waiting for me. At $30, it’s a lot of fun for the price.

If you’re into metals, and you like small, the dv888 might be a good option.

The ONE and WHIP are fun, inexpensive and probably not something you’d be interested in.

If you’re into YYJ, the DM2 and Speeder2 are models I have that are fun and below your price point. The Phenomizm and Meteor are in your budget, but I don’t have those YET, but I do have a Phenom, but that’s way above your price. YYJ has a lot of great plastic/metal models in that price bracket.

The RecRev Sharp is one I like in that price range. Mine is coming back soon.

The H-Spin Beysick is also fun, but I’m having trouble with the D-sized bearing. It just plays different than other stuff I have, so I’m just having to adjust to it.

Sorry, it’s late and trying to go through my stuff from memory instead of just opening up the inventory file on the network share…

$60-90 can get you a lot of options. Maybe even a CLYW Campfire.

Really, what are you looking for? Do you have some specific features or models in mind? I’m easy to please. I like pretty much everything.


For that money, I prefer the Supernova Lite to the 888. But I don’t actually care for the 888 very much. Especially if you’re wanting a practicing yoyo. I think you’ll want something more stable like the Supernova Lite or Genesis.


Agreed. The Supernova Lite would be a great choice. It’s not heavy, great spin time, and looks cool :slight_smile:


Hey guys thanks for the input. And yes I did remove my 888 thread. I. I have looked at yyj and I haves dm2, but I thought I should try some knew brand. He only reason I didn’t look at certain other brands is because I thought that allmost all of their yoyos would be out of my price range. I’ll look at some of the stuff you all mentioned. Thanks


You’ll be surprised at what other brands offer :slight_smile: maybe you should try One Drop? The Burnside is a great throw also, and the Werrd Poo


Never ignore a brand because of price. Maybe the price might be too high, but always look anyways. YYE carries a huge number of really high quality yoyos that cater to all price brackets, from the super inexpensive to almost $200 end. With what your spending target range is, you’ve put yourself in a bracket where there’s a lot of really, really good stuff that is within your reach. Remember, it never hurts to look.


Hey guys I was looking at a one drop or campfire. I don’t really care which one drop as long as its in my budget. I don’t really know anything about either brand so I once again need input.


my favorites right now, considering speed, stability and spin abilities are the supernova and the super G… also for a considerably cheaper price, the protostar


That’s a great attitude to have: no limitations, no restrictions.

Stick with metals for the most part but the Protostar and Northstar are fantastic plastics.


Burnside is $85, right in your budget.


Are the diets or the cafe racer any good. Cause they are also in my budget. I was also just wondering what other brands you guys might suggest, because I don’t know anything about that many companies other than the ones I already have yoyos from. I would just go and buy some yoyo that’s in my budget randomly, but I don’t want to buy a 80-90 dollars and find that it stinks. So that’s why I’m asking for advice.so like I said, what oter brands would be worth a look.


Buying a yoyo in the $80-90 dollar range guarantees you getting a great yoyo. Stinks is a matter of personal preference.

I mean, if you find a yoyo just doesn’t work for you, it doesn’t matter what you paid, it was a waste.

One Drop makes great stuff. I have the MMN, Code 1 and 54, but those are ALL above your budget. If you’re willing to explore the used market, you can get some fantastic deals on “previously owned” high end throws at prices you can afford. Now you won’t have to break in the bearing!(usually)


i was just looking at the catalyst. It looks like a good yoyo from the video(augie fash is awesome)and it looks good. any of you have it, and if so please tell me what you think.


It’s not really a waste. Everything throw you get can be used for practicing :slight_smile:


I am thinking of making a list of all the yoyos I have in mind and then just bying them by going down the list. That would take a long time considering my price range. I just wish I had an actual store I could go to and try some of their yoyos, like a demo day with yoyos. So about the dietz, cafe racer, an the catalyst, are they stable throws or what not(I’m not gonna pretend to know what I’m talking a bout) how good are they.

Thanks for all the advice you guys have been giving me. It really makes me realize how nice it is here.



I got my 54 from someone who said they hated it and wanted to get rid of it.

I got my Beysick not only from someone who hated it, but was actively out to inflict damage to it. I made the seller an offer before the Beysick got a chance to meet an untimely demise. It’s safe in my home now, but seems a bit shy and testy. I don’t think it wants to get hurt anymore. It’s only got a few marks and scratches, but I think it has deep emotional damage that will take time to heal. I keep it surrounded by other well-loved yoyos in my collection. The concept that yoyos are pack type objects(backpack, day pack, bag, carry, pocket) and do best in groups. It seems to have mellowed out a bit but seems to want to bite back at any time.

So, clearly in some cases, some yoyos are NOT good fits for the owners and won’t even cut it as a beater or practice throw.


Dietz and Cafe Racer are both stable, but the Dietz is really fast. I prefer a little slower pace, so I actually like the Cafe Racer more. The shape of the Cafe Racer is also more comfortable for me. Both of these are undersized, so much smaller than the Catalyst. If you want something the size of the Catalyst, but made by OneDrop, check out the Burnside.

Edit: Since you asked about other brands, another one that I like a lot is ILYY. The Void is in your price range. It’s a great yoyo (except for grinding, unless you get one of the older versions with the Candyblast). My son has one and I borrow it all the time. He’s got a 2011, and a 2010 version should be arriving at my door sometime this week.


Well, ima gonna look around for awhile. I don’t remember if an of you mentioned the g-funk but I was wondering if it was a good yoyo.


In my personal opinion I hate the shape of the g funk. My middle finger sits on the edges of the steps and it is extremely uncomfortable. The cafe racer is great and so the catalyst but I like the cafe racer more.