So if I were an impatient type, with a $50.00 budget for a new throw..

Should I wait it out all the way until next month for a Rally , or is there something out there that is equally as good? Perhaps a Cafe Racer or maybe something from C3 Yoyo?

I am pretty iffy on the proto/north/super-stars just because I have heard mixed things about to much vibe and weird issues with their floating axles.

So any suggestions, or is trying to hold out for a Rally the best idea?

Get two Magic Yoyo’s, they’re equally good and half or less than half the price :slight_smile:

I have seen the Magic YoYo 's review fairly well across the internets, however I hear they don’t come apart to easily or maybe it was something with the bearing not being able to be removed? Are they available from YYE?

No. I’ll PM you a place you can buy them.

Thanks, but I was really looking to get something from YYE’s vast selection.

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And thank you for that. :slight_smile:

I’ll vouch for the DV888 all day long if you like slightly undersized throws, and the Severe if you want something full-sized. The 2.0 is a budget metal that never got enough love, and performs really nicely.

The C3YoYoDesign DiBase2 is a pretty rockin’ throw in that price range, although I’ve only played with other people’s and don’t own one myself yet.

And here’s one that people aren’t going to expect…the new Yomega Dash is actually a pretty rockin’ budget metal pocket throw. It’s a little on the heavy side at 68 grams, and it actually feels a little heavier than that in the hand, but I threw one at Worlds for a little while and was pleasantly surprised.

If I had to pick one from that list I’d go with a Severe for best all-around play and value…or I’d tell you to wait for the YoYoFactory Shutter, which is going to be in this price range and is the best thing I’ve thrown this year.


In this price range? For real? That’s insane.

I think the most recent release of the G-Funk is only $54.99. If you like undersized or H-Shape then that could be a great pick for you. The only inexpensive YYFs I’ve played are the G-Funk/Yuuksta/Boss and the Yuuksta/Boss are 2 of my all time favorites in general (the G-Funk is great, I just prefer the Yuuksta), it really feels like stealing knowing how inexpensive they are considering how good they play. I would imagine that all of the inexpensive YYFs that Steve mentioned are fantastic as well, including the Shutter which looks quite interesting. Never thrown a Cafe Racer but I’m sure it’s a great throw as well.

From the sound of it you’re wanting to purchase something new from the YYE store but there are some phenomenal values to be had in the BST as well and it would open you up to a wider variety of throws for a good value.

I’m speaking purely as a rumor-monger here, there’s nothing official from YYF yet. I’ve heard several different prices mentioned, all under $80, and some WELL under. I’ll likely find out at the same time everyone else does, but I think it’s safe to guess it’ll be probably around $55 - $60?

Too bad you can’t find out early, but even if you did, you wouldn’t be allowed to share it.

I’ve been hearing the same thing: $55 to $60.

The general shape of the Shutter is one that usually works well for me. Of what I’ve seen in photos, it’s going to meet all the requirements of the original poster and within his price point for a pair. I’m very anxious to get one for myself as well.

However, until then… for around $50 or so and want to stick with YYE, my favorite would be the DiBase. I haven’t tried the DiBase 2 yet. If you’re into over-sized, the God Tricks Bounty Hunter is $50. I’m hearing great things about the Strix evne though it’s $55. There is also most of the Shinwoo Zen series, but I haven’t tried any of those.

It turns out I don’t have much at the $50 price point.

Can’t say enough good things about the Rally. Enjoying this.

If you’re considering the new YYF 2013 SuperStar, by all means don’t hesitate, it’s absolutely amazing. The older SuperStar is really good too, but the 2013 is what I really wanted. They did in fact take the SuperStar and re-engineered it and made it to directly address modern competition requirements. YYF outdid themselves on this one.

Thanks for all the replies. I went through the YYE store and looked at some of the recommendations but they were all sold out :frowning: maybe its a sign I just need to wait for the Rally.

Or the YoYoFactory Shutter. Or the Werrd Minute. Both worth the wait.

I can’t agree more. The 2.0 is one of my favorite undersized throws.

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I agree, I have an original one and one of the new ones.

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I had one and loved it. Beat it to death, but loved it.

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I played the minute and the strix. Although the minute was better for me, the Duncan strix is a trick killing machine. It has a very easy to hit shape, is very smooth and can hit even the toughest tricks. The minute is smaller and harder to hit on the string, but grinds better so it’s a trade off. Something else to consider would be the yoyojam xlr8. It plays very well and has lateral caps. What I love about it is that it feels like a metal but you won’t mind beating it up a little because of the plastic rims.

I would recomend Duncan Strix, just 5$ over budget, but great looking throw, competition read and great for horizontal.

Also check some Yoyofficer yo-yos, we have 3 models in your budget.

I recommend the Duncan Strix, it’s a beast, it have a nice shape and stability. This yoyo is even competition worthy, plus when I got mine it have a 10 ball konkave bearing!!! (Kk bearing come as a standard)

Yesterday I had it narrowed down between a Cafe Racer and a Di Base 2

This morning , I think I am going to pull the trigger on a Di Base 2

I looked at the Strix , and even though I am sure its a good throw , I am a bit of a traditionalist and the shape seems like its starting to get a bit away from a yoyo and more into some spintop on string hybrid thing.

Went with a Green / Gold splash Di Base 2 and a Crucial Center Trac bearing :slight_smile: