Metal yoyo for $70 or less (shipping etc. excluded)


I’d like it to be stable, smooth on the string and looong spinning - I’m not the fan of hard throws as I feel that in the era of ball bearings and all of the wonders we shouldn’t have to throw yoyo’s like maniacs just to get decent spin times. I’m planning to start learning some of the horizontal tricks so solid capabilities in that area would be welcome addition. Size or shape doesn’t matter much to me at the moment so anything goes. Good grinding abilities are also a plus. I’m hoping that this yoyo will become my main throw and de-trone my DMII from that position. :smiley: I don’t really like how DMII feels in my hand, PGM on the other hand, feels much better, whenever I pick it, it feels like I’m holding something more than plastic. And lastly, I don’t own any full metal yoyo’s so this will be my first one.

P.S. I’d really like to try a bunch of yoyo’s before buying and follow your “its all about preference” philosophy. But I don’t have that luxury since there are no yoyo shops in my country, which means that I have to rely on you guys and gals :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance for recommendations.


the dv888 is in your price range after international shipping and its a great throw.


Find something in your price target and buy it. Chances are you’ll like it. I don’t have a lot in the metal category in that price bracket. I have something I paid $70 direct from the guy who makes them and I’m hoping I can say wonderful things about that soon. The RecRev Sharp isn’t too much and is under your price point but while I like mine, not everyone likes this. The H-Spin Beysick is loads of fun. The YYF dv888 is a fantastic player.

If you want to go 2 for one, the plastic Protostar and Northstar are good, but ideally, I’d say get one or the other. Both are great. The Protostar seems fast and light while the Northstar feels more solid, heavy and floaty/slower. They both use the same shape.

You don’t like the DM2, but I do. There’s the Speeder 2, the Phenomizm and others, but I can’t say anything about them because I don’t have them yet. But I’m aiming you at plastic/metal yoyos, which you’re after metals.

There’s lots out there, and lots of good stuff. I hear great things about the Duncan Raptor, and am planning to get one myself soon as a result. You might also see about buy/sell/trade and if someone is willing to deal with the international shipping stuff, you might do well there.


It seems you guys misunderstood me, I’m willing to pay up to $70 for yoyo alone/without shipping.

And I’d really like it to be all metal, not plastic or bi-metal. I’m also not interested in the raptor/dv888 and other “low end” metals.


well… at 65 bucks each, the yyf nova and g funk play great and would be one of the top contenders for horizontal in your price range, and they should give you a better edge on spin time over the dm and pgm due to the lower walls and weight placement…


Any other suggestions?


With $70 you could get a slightly used premium throw off the bst, such as a YYF Supernova. This is what I would do if I were in your shoes.


I’m not really a fan of bst. Nothing beats the shiny, new yoyo. ;D


Look more. Sometimes you can get it new in the box, or at least “thrown and then placed back in the box” kind of new. Seriously, it seems some people buy just to have then sell it later on in mint, new and/or sealed condition. I’ve gotten several in that condition.


If you can go up to $80, the ILYY Void is a great yoyo. If you’re ok with undersized, the CafeRacer is really nice (although not as easy to do horizontal as some other yoyo’s).

But don’t discount the Raptor. It really is a nice yoyo. I like it as much as other more expensive yoyo’s.


I would say hands down the Cafe Racer by One Drop. I got it in the mail last week and have been absolutely in love with it. It plays like my 100.00 yo-yos. It is very stable, small to fit in your pocket but big enough to land crazy tricks. I have become a huge fan. I even bought a couple of 100.00 yo-yos this week and playing the cafe racer just as much if not more than my high end throws. So for your price range, I highly recommend it.


The weerd 4xl fits in your price range and has a similar size shape to your PGM, and it sleep for a decent amount of time. It plays well but it is a little light, I personally don’t mined but that can turn some people off. Another great brow with that rounded shape (like your PGM) is the boss that was once priced at $84, it is a popular throw and has some amazing reviews;


Cafe Racer! It’s beast!


Anything FOXLANDPRECISION!!! Serously

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Get a DV888 + protostar
Get a beat 100$ Metal on here
Get a Gfunk , Genesis [ push this THIS IS THE BEST THROW EVAR ]. Hehe.
a CLYW Campfire .


if you’re looking for something that can do horizontal well, go for something v shaped and oversized (irony, mvp, phenom, etc.)
and just look for mint yoyos on the b/s/t… unless you’re a collector that needs the box, there’s not really much advantage to getting a new yoyo as opposed to a “used” yoyo in mint condition.


Alright, you made me scratch my previous statement that I’m not interested in raptor :smiley:

Now I can’t decide between cafe racer and the raptor ???


I have 3 One Drop yoyos:
The MarkMont Next, the 54 and the Code 1. I absolutely love these yoyos. One Drop makes great stuff. I think the Cafe Racer is your ideal way to go.

The Raptor is also great and it may be more budget priced, but it’s a competition yoyo. It’s going to save you $20 as well.

As far as horizontal play, not sure which would be a better fit. But I hear a lot of raving about the Cafe Racer and it’s very well received. I think the Cafe Racer should be your choice.


Really depends on if you want a full sized or undersized yoyo for your main yoyo. I really like the Cafe Racer, but I prefer throwing full sized yoyo’s most of the time.

Both are great yoyo’s though. I think you’ll be quite happy with either one (although if I’m trying out horizontal stuff, I usually won’t pick either of these for practicing with)

Now if you could bump up to $85, you could look at the Burnside…

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I personally am a fan of the Raptor. Smooth/quick play and the solid colors look really cool (Especially purple). You can also add the caps to slow down the play a bit. Beware though; if you add the caps, the only way you can get them out is by inserting a pin between it and the yoyo, and prying.