Need advice on a new yoyo,

I cannot decide for the life of me what to buy I am an average level yoyoer, I stopped yoing about a year ago but I want to get back into it my current throws are DM2, Grind machine, trigger and FH ZERO. I want to get into creating my own tricks as I am pretty sure I can do all the tricks on this site pretty well, and I want to try to get an all metal one.

The yoyos that I have been doing heavy research on are: CODE 2, 888x, Genesis, and Skyline.

My price range would be 60-120$ I want something that will last, as my friends DV888 broke on him within a few months that ruled out my choice of adding it to my list,

I am also open to any suggestions you all might have as well!!

Onedrop has the Format C and Valor now for their top notch throws which I would go with over the Code 2
The 7075 luis or doomsday Genesis are amazing as well but they’re pretty hard to find and I personally don’t care for the other versions. I also enjoyed the new superstar a lot.
I had an 888x and thought it was terrible. The 07 version has a much more comfortable feel but the werrd minute is a better undersized throw and is a much cheaper price. Skyline would fit in this category as well since it also has such a high wall and is undersized.

I’d take a look at some of the new budget throws everyone has been putting out:
C3 level 6
Yoyofactory shutter and czm8
Werrd minute and 86400
YoyoOfficer Hatchet

If you wanted something amazing the werrd irony jp2k13 is epic. There’s also the deadly spins pride and wrath which are nice throws. I was blown away by the G-squared triton and have heard nothing but praise about the monkeyfinger ape-x.

Werrd have been pumping out some amazing throws lately. As sparhawk mentioned, the Minute is ridiculously good for $50 and the Irony JP eats most Japanese throws for breakfast. In your price range, you’ve got plenty of options available. Of the four you’ve shortlisted, I own the CODE 2 and Genesis (both the regular version and the 7075 version), and have played the other two. The 888x and Skyline just didn’t really do it for me. hard to quantify but I just didn’t really click with them (might have been the size or the weight distribution). I actually prefer the regular 6061 Genesis to the 7075, despite being a bit lighter it just feels like it has a bit more heft at the end of the string.

Other options you might want to consider:

  • the One Drop Benchmark series. I haven’t had a chance to play these just yet but they’ve been getting nothing but rave reviews.
  • ODxCLYW Summit. For my mind, doesn’t quite live up to the hype surrounding it when released but still a very very good throw.
    -any YYR model. You won’t be able to get one brand new within your budget but thanks to the mystery boxes YYR were putting out last year, you can probably find a few in great condition for around the $100 mark on the BST.
    -sOMEThING FirMY. Stable, zippy and at the lower end of your budget.
    -C3 Glitter. Probably the fanciest splash you’ll see on a sub-$100 throw.


Thanks for all the suggestions guys, I will try to focus my research on werrd a little more and wow I am surprised that scratching the surface the 888x is one of the best, but with a little digging and forum posting I find out it is not as godly as people make it out to be, definitely going to ask others opinions in addition to research from now on.

The problem is that you can end up reading old reviews that are maybe talking about a different version of said yoyo or that it maybe was the go to throw of choice a while back. The code 2 used to get recommended constantly but since then OneDrop has released some newer and improved throws. Of course you won’t see them getting recommended as much yet since not many people have gotten to try them so you’re missing out on the newer releases.

So browsing through all of your guys great suggestions, and all I have to say is they are all awesome yoyos I found one that I think is a great price and looks great and it has all the specs that I need( mostly the response and center track bearing) is the yyo hatchet, can you guys relate to it? thanks so much for helping with my decision thus far.

Hatchet looks awesome!

I own a Werrd Minute and it’s easily one of my favourite yoyos, outclassing some in the $100+ range.

Don’t rule out the Code 2. I much preferred it to the format:C, and I prefer the Code 1 (even older) to both! Code 2 is long-spinning and stable, comfortable on the catch, has side effects… it’s just a really really good yoyo.

I would truly recommend you to get a summit, ape-x, or triton. All are amazingly stable and will last you a lifetime;)

Hatchet seems like a great choice. My only problem with YoyoOfficer is that I’m not a major fan of their pads but that’s personal preference.

I made my decision, I will be ordering my hatchet along with the first world design strap cause red rings on my leg are not pleasant, thank you all for your opinions! I will be sure to give a review on it since I went through over 20 pages on the forums but could not locate a review of it.