What new yoyo to buy next ??


I love spinning my shutter. What yoyo should I buy next ?? I want something stable and long spinning. I am pretty new yoyoing and just getting into my unresponsive 1a tricks.


I have a shutter and I love it too. I am also fairly new to yoyoing and I am just getting into 1a tricks like Mach 5, finger grinds and fingerspins. A friend got me the magic yoyo m002 April for Christmas recently, and it is amazing. Off a good throw, it spins about 1 minute 30 seconds compared to my shutter’s one minute twenty two seconds. I love the colorway and the finish, and it comes stock with a centre track bearing. The best part is it is a little more than half the cost of the shutter on amazon. I think this is a great throw and I love it! The only bad part is it comes with a bunch of little cheap strings, but you can easily switch it over to kitty string or whatever you use. Hope this helps!


My wife got me a One Drop Top Deck and a 2016 Benchmark O for Christmas. Honestly they are both my all time favs right now. Think everyone should own them. One Drop is to damn legit.


The shutter will suit you just fine for now, no need to buy another yo-yo if you don’t have to!

But if for whatever reason you do want another, there are a ton of budget yo-yo’s to get your hands dirty.

Magicyoyo: N12, Skyva, Stealth, Purple line, etc

Onedrop: Benchmark series, Gauntlet, Vanguard, T1, Cabal.

Yoyofactory: Replay Pro, Onestar, Protostar, Cyborg, Horizon, Czech Point, etc.

YYR: Diffusion.

Duncan: Barracuda, Grasshopper, etc.

etc, etc, etc.

You get the idea, there is a LOT to choose from. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with so many choices. But from the looks of it, you don’t really need another yo-yo at all. Don’t get trapped in the idea that the more you spend the better you will be, or the more expensive your yo-yo the better, a budget yo-yo can take you a long way!

Now i’m not trying to tell you how to spend your money; if you want to try some different shapes, sizes, and weights, go for it! I think we can all agree that it is beneficial to have variety. Just don’t forget the other important stuff like lube and string. :wink:

It’s hard to give any spesfic reccomendations when your asking such a broad question. Its kinda expected for a modern yo-yo to spin a long time and be stable, so try narrowing it down a bit so its easier to provide you with advice. :smiley:


Cool. Thanks. Will check it out.


Thanks !


Thanks for the advice. Think I will stick with metal. I have good kitty string. Good lube. Just wondering what is comparable to a shutter. Tried a benchmark but it was total unstable compared to shutter. Made me curious to ask. Could be my lack of skill. But I’m doing a handful of good tricks. Double or nothing, working on matrix. Etc. What you think of clyw ?


What’s your price range


I believe you’re in the stage when you should be buying yoyos with special abilities, such as finger spins and hubstacks. Considering your admittance of your skill level, i don’t think you are even at the stage when you know you won’t decide you don’t like yoyoing. Im not implying that will happen, just saying that If you want a yoyo, buy something that expands your possibilities while not risking becoming that 5000 dollar racing bike that you sits unloved in your garage, making you feel guilty every time you get in your car. In other words, I think a Skyva would fulfill your yoyo craving while not burning a large hole in your pocket if your yoyo bug dies suddenly. It is really fun despite the price, and adds a new ability to your collection.(or set😀)


Awesome that your learning tricks, keep it up :slight_smile:

Heres some notable throws that are great bargains:

Magicyoyo n12, this yoyo is insanely good for the price. ~$16 bucks on Amazon and even cheaper on those Online Chinese stores that takes ages to deliver.

Magicyoyo Stealth: That gives you a good taste of what bi metals can offer at a great price, ~$50.

Onedrop Topdeck: Others have already mentioned it, great throw.

I’d recommend getting something with a different shape and feel then your shutter for you next throw, with all the great options out there I’m sure you’ll find something you like.

I really can’t say much about clyw as I’ve only tried the Summit and Big Dipper. The Summit which was a collaboration between them and Onedrop, is amazing if you don’t mind the price. The Big Dipper is a plastic that is fast and floaty, not very stable but a lot of fun. Personally I find it hard to rationalize buying clyw’s with how expensive they are, but I would gladly pick one up off the buy/sell/trade for a discount if I get the chance. Again, haven’t tried many of them so what I have to say with a grain of salt.

I’m the kind of guy that tries to get the best play for the least amount of money, so it’s only natural that I wouldn’t get the more premium, “luxurious” throws. From what I can tell, the reputation and marketing of the brand plays a large role in the price of their throws. Some people seem to think that they need them because of all the sponsored players using them. Of course the craftsmanship that goes into the throws, the fact that the guys behind those company are freaking awesome, how much the company gives back to our community, are all the reasons people love them. I’ll let someone else who has tried a good amount of their throws chime in, I’m not in the position to say much about clyw.

At the end of the day the only way you can decide whether or not it’s worth your money is trying it for your self.

I totally agree with what Throwto100 said, probably your best option for another throw.



(InvaderDust) #12

Whittle it down to 9. 9 Throws that you might want, sounds cool, looks yummy, has a different shape, etc. Then make a paper 3x3 grid with one choice in each box. Throw a dart (or blindfolded spitball) at the grid. Get that one. :slight_smile:


Up to 100 bucks I think.


Sounds good ! Ha ha.


Up to 100 bucks I think.


Good point. Well taken.


Up to 100 buck I think.