Looking for a yoyo ~ $150

Do you know how to bind the yoyo?

  • Yes
    Do you have a yoyo that you own or played with that you have liked very much?
  • Yes , C3yoyodesign’s Movitation
    Do you have a preferred shape of the yoyo?
  • Hmm nah atm , my knowledge about yoyo is not that wide . Currently still trying to spend as much time on yoyo and trying to know as much as i could.
    Do you have a price range?
  • $150
    Do you have a certain amount of yoyos narrowed down? List them.
  • YYF’s Space Cowboy
  • YYF’s Shutter
  • Turning Point’s Shake
    Do you prefer a certain brand?
  • Nope
    What trick are you currently working on?
  • Slack and hop tricks

Your help is much appreciated!

I have not tried the Shake…but own the two YYFs. So I’ll compare those two.


The Space Cowboy are Shutter are quite different in terms of play. The Cowboy is the one of the smoothest yoyos I’ve played. The weight distribution that the stainless steel rims makes it very stable. Right out of the box, it is one of my longest spinning throws.

Below are some pictures of the Cowboy and two SuperNovas (2012 and 2014) for comparison. You will notice they are mostly shaped the same.


The Shutter is more like a swiss-army knife yoyo. Grinds, finger-spins, horizontal and anything else you can throw at it. I tend to play my Shutters more than the Cowboy. In my opinion, it’s the more chill one of the two while the Cowboy is all performance.

For another comparison, I picked the MYY N12. It gives me the same vibe as the Shutter. (vibe as in feeling, both are smooth :-P)


If you are still reading by this time, I’ll give you my recommendations. (Sorry for the long post)

With your budget, I would pick-up a Shutter AND a New SuperNova. I’m suggesting the SuperNova over the Space Cowboy because it’s cheaper and plays similar way. The price for both would be $120.00. Same price as just the Cowboy. You can even buy some response pads and string with any money you have left.

You enjoy either that you choose.

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With a budget of $150, you are approaching the Berserker SS by C3.
Other options would be the King Yo Star Rapid, The Adegle Accel, and the Space Cowboy.
For $150 you could also buy the Format: C by One Drop, very powerful yoyo.

Yea! the BerserkerSS is amazing! its a bit over your budget but its worth it :smiley: It just spins forever!
From the YoYos you listed I like the Shutter most, you probably cant go wrong with that one.

I have a gold YYF Shutter. PM me if your interested.

On an unrelated note.

N64Retro…Props for the HxH reference in your avatar!


Hmm … i know im close to berserker ss … but is it really that good ? I thought it’s only suitable for speed tricks

From what I’ve heard you don’t seem to have a definite style devoeoped (it will come with time and practice) so I’d go with a shutter, preferably bead blasted, because its inexpensive, plays excellent, and is a yoyo i feel everyone should have. It is simply a staple throw. It should keep that new yoyo crave down until you have a fully formed style

Anything built for speed can go slow and stable. With the SS rims as far out as they can, there is a lot of stability.

So how come when I make a thread with a similar price range, I get bashed and the thread gets trashed with “you don’t need a good yoyo, I can do every trick on a classic” but not on this thread? On topic, I would recommend a werrd irony JP, or the new irony.

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Alright … Berserker SS noted , anymore recommendations ?

just ordered a berserker ss but hasn’t come yet :slight_smile:
I bet it’s good for both speed trick and slack trick

Damn man … it’s must be hard while waiting for your package to arrive

It’s been almost 2 weeks :frowning:

I am a fan of the CLYW Sasquatch or the mfd Caesar. Both are very solid and under budget, Sasquatch is going to be more solid and Caesar is faster, and the shapes are radically different. I’d say go Sasquatch for an all around throw if you don’t have any definite preferences yet. Heck, you’d have money left for strings and a kick butt bearing (fan of terrapin x ceramic wing cuts in my Sasquatch, but I’ve never tried the high end Japanese bearings)

phenom: i m a ded zebra w gold stripes don bea me
accelerator: c3 u took muh last order

Wait a couple weeks for the CLYW Orca! Looks like it will be a fantastic throw.

I’d go shutter. Its cheaper and great at everything. Or get a Shu-Ta. From what I’ve heard its a improved shutter