The need for more than 1 yoyo 1A

Currently, I have been playing with the YYF Shutter now for a while. I can basically do any style of 1A tricks with it (grind, string, etc). I have been thinking about getting another yoyo to add to the arsenal. But, if I like playing with it so much and love the feel, whats the point of throwing anything else?

What are your thoughts?

The only yoyo i would recommend for you since you seem to like the Shutter so much, would be the Yoyofactory Shu-ta. If your content with the Shutter, I would just wait to get another yoyo, until you find another that you REALLY like. I wouldn’t get another yoyo just for the sake of getting another yoyo. Auctually i would, because i bought an Orca yesterday. So, do as i say, not as i do.

Personally, I like variety, so I like to own as many as I can.

I own a few yoyos because I haven’t found the yoyo I like best…but if you found the you yoyo you like best then really no point in getting another unless you want to try different designs

Get an awesome plastic like the golyat:

Having variety can be a lot of fun and some yoyos are easier at certain tricks than others. That said the shutter is capable of any trick you throw at it.

Try out a plasticc yoyo!

Variety is the spice of life right?

I’d maybe try something totally different. Something O shaped and 53 and under mm. Might give you an idea of what you might prefer. I told myself I was on a quest to find my perfect yoyo, the one I liked best… Now I’m just addicted :stuck_out_tongue:

I am not nearly at your level but I have a smaller throw(g-funk) which I don’t like at all. I have a summit which I love and I just bought a replay pro. After throwing the replay for a day or so I can say that I really like throwing this yoyo and it only cost $15.99 from yoyoexpert. if you know anything about the replay you know that it is very different(at least to me) than the summit but I love playing with it so far. I can let you know more in a few weeks about how I like it but just because you like one thing doesn’t mean you won’t like another thing.

That was a longer than necessary just to say, try something…you never know what you might like.

I personally think using strictly one yoyo also has the benefit to “connect” yourself with the particular yoyo, but you’re missing out many other things. Different yoyo may encourage you to play differently or think differently depending on how it perform and if it has gimmicks like hubstacks, or if it has grindable surface, etc. I find myself seeing tricks differently with different yoyos. Also it’s good to cross train yourself with different kind of yoyos and not just stuck with only one.

You make a good point. I do have a YYF Replay which is plastic. The design is very similar to the Shutter, so it doesn’t open any new doors. But, I get your point. I was thinking of getting the YYF Too Hot or something similar.

I haven’t heard anything but good things about the Toohot.

I’m thinking of also stepping my game up with a new throw. I also use the shutter.

I agree about getting a TooHot.

For the cost it is most likely one of the very best bargains ever.

There are yoyos that cost 3 times more that can’t even get close to a TooHot.

I have ‘hundreds’ of yoyos; from 1998 to present day. I have at least a dozen Titanium yoyos. Dozens of Bi-metals… < the list would put you to sleep… Literally.

But if I ever decide to downsize to a about an even dozen yoyos; I have no doubt that a TooHot would make the final cut.

It is that good in my opinion.


I agree with 'doc. If you like the way the YoyoFactory Shutter plays, but you’re looking for something different, that performs as good or better, and around the same price range, definitely pick up a TooH.O.T. It’s stable, solid, fast, and so good you won’t regret it.

Also, if you’d like to try a plastic, as recommended above, you can get a YoyoFactory Replay for next to nothing. Like Shutter, it’s also a Gentry Stein signature. For just $16 you can satisfy your craving for a new throw.

Too hot is fun. I enjoy too hot more than shutter. It is good idea. I like the shape. If I had to have two yoyos though I’d have to have them be totally different dims and weight.


You’ll learn that they are all different and you’ll gain an appreciation for different yoyo characteristics by playing with different ones.

I tell myself this every time I think I have too many throws. ;D