Why do people buy several yo-yo's?

I’ve got into this hobby about ½ a year ago, and it’s great fun.
One thing I don’t really get, is why people buy several yoyo’s? Sure, if you play the various styles (1a, 2a and so on) - you need different yoyos, - but why do people like getting several yoyos for the same style of play?
Ok, I can figure out some of the reasons. I started with a Velocity, and then moved up to Dark magic. My own reason for that was simply that the Velocity was cheap, and I got it so I could see if this hobby was something for me. It was, so I needed a better yoyo - and decided on Dark Magic.
But when I see people posting that they just ordered 3 different 1A yoyos, I don’t understand why they need 3 more 1A’s :slight_smile:

…So, since I haven’t tried any other yoyos than just velocity and DM - I have to ask if newer yoyos are really that different? Do they play so much better than lets say DM, that that they are worth getting?

I think the reason I am writing this post is, that I kinda feel like buying a new yoyo, but when I ask myself “why” - I don’t have an answer, and therefore I can’t get myself to spend the money :smiley:
So I need a reason that will justify me buying another yoyo. And yes, I am curious if yoyos really feel that different. Sure, there is a pretty big difference Velocity compared to DM - but will there be much difference in DM compared to - lets say, 888?

And… while we are at it - what yoyo would you recommend if I would like to try something else than DM? :slight_smile:

I only started again a couple months ago and bought one for each style plus a DM.

After seeing the difference of play between a FHZ and the Dark Magic, I ordered about 14 different types of yos (4 for looping…the rest for 1a/5a) so I could get a feel for them all.

I am tempted to by the DNA mutant, just because it is sick looking. :wink:

Mostly collectors do that, I am a collector and a player, so I do that too. There will be a difference between DM and 888. People try to find a lot of yoyos that fit their persenal preference and get those, they don’t with plastics because they aren’t ussually undersized, but metels are, and some people like undersized better, so they get those.

Each yoyo has a different shape, response, and bearing in it so each yoyo feels a little different when you bind, or throw, or just going across the string. I bought a completely different shape than my first yoyo jsut to try out a different shape, but i kept the same response because i like hybrid response. the yoyos are also made of different materials so that they will most likely spin longer if there made out of aluminum instead of polycarbonate

Hope I helped!

Variety is the spice of life. Sure it’s good to have just one really good yoyo, but there are so many yoyos out there, and none are the same. SO I guess people just want to play and collect. There’s always a small joy in having a lot of yoyos in the case. I don’t have that though.

Addment: Good to see some more scandinavian power here. Any community in Denmark. Going over there to see some relatives in a week.

No community here in Denmark that i know of. I feel like I’m the only one into this hobby over here :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the help

Now we’re getting really off-topic, but where in Denmark are you located? Just want to know.

I’m near Copenhagen [more precise, I’m in a city called Søborg]

I don’t have many yoyos (A DM and a Duncan Butterfly. That’s it). So I can’t speak for that. But if I may, I’d like to give an example with another hobby of mine, about buying things that may seem unneeded:

I draw, and for me, one of the joys of drawing is the feel of a pencil scratching the paper.

Therefore, I have many pens/pencils that range from thick to thin, messy to clean, materials from ink to charcoal, and even though I like the thinner pencils most of the time, some days I just feel like doing a drawing with a thicker pencil, and the drawing turns out much better because of it.

I think it’s the same with yoyos. Sometimes a Dark Magic just doesn’t feel right, so you go for your 888, M1, DNA, or whatever.

Hope that helped!

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Put in its simplest terms, variety is the spice of life. I like having many different yoyos that help me find out what I prefer, and how I like to throw.

_|@<06 is right with me because I buy so many because their all different. I’ve played with a lot of different companies and own a lot of different companies. No yoyo is the same no matter what people say.

i have not been yoyoing for ages but i have about 5 - 6 yoyos already. for example i started with a cobra but this was responsive, then i got a legacy which was unresponsive, then i got a X-convict coz i was getting better as a player and wanted to start playing with a better yoyo. I have recently bought a YYF DNA, i got this as it has hubstacks and is much better for grinding.

so i have several different yoyo’s all for the same style but there are reasons for why i have bought each.
i am thinking about buying a new metal as i would like a different size yoyo. No 2 yoyo’s are the same, they will all have different attributes to them.

Hope you find this useful

I have 20 something yoyos… and I don’t consider myself a collector. Each one of them plays so differently, they’re all just different experiences.

This, for the most part. However, I think most of my buying up to this point has really been to find what my preferences are when it comes to yoyos, which one can’t do having only played a limited number of them. Now that I’ve pretty much figured it out there’s less that appeals to me in the yoyo market, sp I buy less.

If you mess up in a competition and get a knot. You switch instead of fixing it.

There are a great many 1A yos out there. A great many.

None of them play the same. Whether it’s shape, size, response, bearing, material, width, whatever. They all play differently, and once you catch the bug you can’t rest until you’ve tried them all.

Heck, I’ve had 4 Dark Magic’s over the course of my yo-yoing days. I still have three of them. None of them play the same, and they’re the same yo. Take that for what it’s worth.

Vairety like these guys say is a good reason.

Also, some people need backups just in case a yo-yo breaks. Why not buy more than one while you can?

Also, a backup during a contest is a good idea.

i’ve been throwing for about 2 months now (i think) and i have 8 or 9 yoyos all for 1a. my reason for buying so many is that there are no shops anywhere i know of for me to go and try different shapes and sizes and weights and materials and so on. the only way for me to figure out what works best for me is to buy or trade and see what fits.