Something I don't get . . .

My question is why do people need so many yoyos? They’re great and all, but I mean, I only have 4, they each serve a purpose (responsive Speeder 2 for teaching people, DM 2 for counterweight, Rextreme for offstring, Boss for everything else) and that’s all I need. So why do people have so many.

Because they enjoy having a collection.

Yoyos seem kind of expensive if you’ve got a big collection.

In comparison with other hobbies, yoyo collecting is quite cheap. Models, RC, and collecting antiques can all be much, much more expensive than yoyo.

Also, many people enjoy the variety in owning different yoyos. It can be fun to mix it up.

I guess that’s true.

I like to change often. Variety is good.

Also, I take my stuff out to meets where others can try stuff as well.

I mean, if we want to get down to it, my real hobby could be my main job, which is doing live sound. Amps, speakers, consoles, cables, mics, outboard, the truck it goes in… insurance, diesel, maintenance, repairs, replacement, updates, ugprades, the constant push to learn more and expand what I do…

What I’ve spent on yoyo’s isn’t even a quarter what I spent on my console. With total inventory costing over $1million and at least another half million in data communications gear(another job I do), yoyo’s are cheap.

Getting screwed for $350 on a v.35 to db25 RS232 pigtail cable is a regular thing in data comm.

Yeah, yoyo is way cheaper.

I see what you’re thinking. I basically have the same thoughts as you, but sometimes I like to have variety. I just don’t have enough money to spend on yoyos.

Sometimes people like variety, sometimes people get tired of their current yoyos, sometimes peoples skill level surpasses the capability of their current yoyos.

I agree with your line of thought; I just acquired another 2 yoyos, one that fills a gap (undersized and stable; I have an undersized but it’s not a stability monster) and one that duplicates some of what I already have (V-profile mid-sized competition oriented). I had zero reason to justify that second one other than the seller “added” it to an order for cheap. I was like, “OK, I’ll get that… why not…”.

I think it’s safe to say that many of us have more yoyos than we need. You kind of only need one. :wink: Like Studio42, I enjoy variety, but at only a dozen or so yoyos I’m already at my saturation point and it will be time to sell some off. Not because I don’t enjoy them from time to time, but because it’s ONLY “from time to time” and it seems silly to have them there.

If you convinced me to narrow down my collection, though, I don’t think you could easily pry enough out of my grasping hands to get me down below 6 yoyos. I just enjoy them too much. :wink:

I do generally agree, though. I could be pretty happy with just 2 yoyos for 1A: a “fun, chill” yoyo (my Punch Line!) and a “can handle anything for when you want to learn horizontal or whatever” yoyo (any number of others).

I have heard of people changing yoyos suddenly to make sure they have good form on a trick.

Sometimes it’s about having unusual things. About half if my collection is comprised of retired/hard to find yoyos.

I used to think that it was crazy that people owned large amounts of yoyos. Now I have 30 or something like that. That’s just the tip of the iceberg compared to some others on this forum. haha

It’s not about need, it’s about enjoyment. :wink:

Some of us love just love variety. More yoyos= more variety.
Others simply love to collect beautiful things. The important thing is to appreciate and enjoy yoyoing in your own way and celebrate when others do the same. :slight_smile: Total number of yoyos doesn’t really matter as long as you are loving it! :wink:


I generally try to buy two yoyos at a time whenever I order, one for me, and one I give away when someone wants one. I should have a collection of around 30, but I give away throws a lot. But I only really need my FG Ava, as it is consistently my favorite, but nothing beats the feeling of learning your way around a new throw!

I only have 50, is that excessive? Oh, and the ones that are only in the collection, not players. 65, that is hardly any…right?

Why do my hands shake when I check out the new releases?

I have quite a few, and most of them are different or unique. The exception is my HM collection, which I treasure. I enjoy the variety in style, design, and play. That being said, I have way less invested in my yoyos than in my three canoes. Now why does anyone need more than one of those? :wink:

I think I laughed too hard at that. That is just perfect, haha.

I have 52 at the moment…I think, and they just kinda came to me, haha. I bought more yoyos to get the yoyo that I wanted to match my play style, then I started trading and selling with my two yoyo bst and now I have 52, haha. What happened?

This is my view on yoyos, please don’t be annoyed by this, it’s just my opinion:

 Yoyos are designed to be played. If I want a yoyo, I will buy something with positive feedback that's largely available. I don't trust reviews of limited release yoyos, because having a rare yoyo you spent money for will change your opinion. Having spent more money for anything will change your opinion of it.

 I read somewhere that there was this one person who was a pearler. Back then, black pearls were worth nothing, but he started selling them for much more money than a normal pearl. Suddenly, people started buying them.

 I think it's the same way with yoyos. Since small companies have very little amounts of customers, they make their yoyos hard to get. Mow, this is not to say that limited edition, hard to get yoyos are bad- often they are the some of the best throws around. I just don't think that they are worth the effort. 

 Now, I do think that there are some exceptions to this- any yoyo that would dominate a display case- either beautiful ano or unusual shapes or yoyos that weren't limited addition, they are just so hard to get because they're so good and popular. 

These are all things I might try to get, but am not likely to spend more than a day looking for.

 So, common, excellent players I will buy. Limited editions I will not. Sure they'll impress other throwers, but beyond that...  Yoyos that are not particularly limited, they are just so hard to get because they are so good, I will buy. Yoyos that will impress and intrigue even non-throwers, such as a B!ST, I might buy.

 This is just my humble opinion, I know there are plenty of other people who strongly disagree with this. I don't want to start an argument, this is just my view on buying yoyos.

Yoyo Kangaroo: Yes, but how many of these mainstream yoyos do you see yourself owning? An ever-expanding collection? Or is there a “ceiling” beyond which you’re like, “this just got nutty.”?

cheaper than drugs… besides what I spend my paycheck on is my business. Yeah I only have three yoyos. But. I can see why someone would want and aquire a large collection. In a hobby that is somewhat repititious, variety is definatley a fun aspect.