Why so many yo yos?

Okay I understand the desire to get a bunch of yo yos, but beyond looks why do you have so many yo yos? I haven’t had the opportunity to try any high end yo yos but my OD Benchmark H. Part of the reason I got it is to try the other benchmarks and compare. I guess part of my question is because I have some extra money and am thinking about another yoyo even though I’m perfectly happy with what I have. The uber cool “Stormtrooper” Rally is calling my name as well as one of the other Benchmarks. I’m very interested to understand the differences.

… and if I didn’t have little kids running around all the time, I think I could better phrase my questions.


I think most of us buy so many in order to compare and contrast how each throw plays and to find the right style, shape, weight, etc. that fits them best. I also think that a good majority of people buy so many is because it’s kinda like a collectors hobby.

Each throw is different and we like variety. I also like the color schemes that some yoyo companies produce. You do not need to have many throws to enjoy the hobby tho. I have not bought a yoyo since November last year, but I have 10 yoyos. It all depends on how much money you are willing to spend and what you want to try.

I agree with that also. It’s pretty much just a matter money, if you like to collect, you like many different yoyo specs, or if you just like to buy yoyos just to buy them… Haha.

I’m like a Raven. When I see a shiny new yoyo… I just can’t say no.

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General hoarding


General hoarding. Plus color and in some cases features…features are funny because the inclusion of some (like a matador spike) can sometimes interfere with others (flat hub for fingerspins). I get the strong sense that a yoyo that “has it all” would probably be kinda bland. Although the Minute by Werrd is definitely a swiss-army knife, able to do pretty much anything.

Except spin “forever”… it’s not bad, but the Krown and any number of other yoyos have longer spin…

So yeah.

Where was I?

I believe that the reason why I have so many is simply that I hate changing string. So I don’t. I just pick up another yoyo. It’s as good of an excuse as any to get another toy. :slight_smile:

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^I think this sums it up best. I think people buy what they can afford to buy, and for some people that’s a lot more than others. Also, I think some people have a lot more personal space than others. From a guy with one bedroom to a guy who owns a home, that could vary. In reality, anything in excess of one yo-yo is unnecessary (unless you play more than one style). The rest of it is based on a “want” or preference for one reason or another. I don’t know anyone who collects stamps who has one stamp, and I don’t know anyone who collects coins who has one coin, so beyond use there is also a value for collectors. People with “collections” are the reason yo-yo companies are able to make the money they make to stay in business. Without people buying yo-yos like crazy, there would be no incentive to make so many of them. So, we could all have one or two yo-yos, but would all these yo-yo companies and stores be in business if that was the case? Of course not. I like the variety that’s been coming, and I like the competition I see, so I fully support it and always put my money where my mouth is :blush: I hope the “hoard” grows into the future.

I see myself headed in this direction, mainly because I’m so curious. The most logical thing would be to get the other two Benchmarks for comparison; however, the new white Rally that is soon to be released will look so cool… I probably would have gotten another Benchmark already, but specific colors seem hard to find…

It’s like pokemon for me. Gotta catch them all. Especially the special edition colorways. It’s fun to collect

but, but, but there are so many… :o :-X lol

I have about $400 set aside for certain throws I want but can’t find the color way. Really kinda bums me out and makes me mad. Cascade in dragonslayer anyone?

boredom, and having money. :wink:

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The title of this post sounds like something my wife would ask (and has asked several time recently). :wink:

my answer to the question is it’s like shoes (or handbags). different shoes for different occasions.


I like a variety. I’m also a sucker for bright, shiny baubles.

They look pretty

I get bored with my current collection. Sometimes I buy a yoyo based on hype, but most time I see a unique yoyo and feel it is interesting enough to buy. I have a collection of 20, but not all of them are high end, most are <$100.

Throws that look interesting to me: Kayto1 by fluid print dynamics and poker face by whimsy yoyo.

Though I’m retired, I take on many consulting jobs large and small and have agreements with some of my customers to pay me, for real small jobs with no travel involved, in YoYo’s.
(Of my choosing of course)

Sort of a renaissance of the ole barter system you could say.

As a result I have amassed a huge collection of YoYo’s at this point. (425+)

I find them to be small works of not only Art & Engineering, but Function.