What's the point of have multiple yo-yos?

I want to have a bunch of yo-yos and I want to collect them, but I have no logical reason why. Someone give me a reason so I don’t feel so fiscally irresponsible when I spend all this money on yo-yos.

As long as you have the disposable income, that’s all the justification you need. Yoyos are actually very affordable when compared to collecting coins, cars, guitars, etc. It’s what you like, have fun.


There’s no great reason.

But as mrciurleo said… if it’s disposable, what the heck? If you’re strapped for cash, stick to one until you’re a bit more flush.

It’s fun to try different types of yoyos. The different colors, the different finishes, strings, etc. I’m still pretty new to yoyos and I have more than I ever thought I would have when I first started lol.

Variety is the spice of life.


I agree with the comments above. It seems like you enjoy collecting, but you think it may not be the best financial decision for you right now. I always viewed collecting as something very personal and suited to each collector’s own theme, scope and budget. If any of those things is out of line, it could suck the fun right out of it.

If you are truly spending more than you should, take a step back. There are no reasons we can give you that will override that fact. Part of the fun of collecting is shifting things around. You are always in control. You can keep what you have and stop spending for awhile, you can downsize and sell some of them, or re-evaluate your theme and set your own rules on what you can buy. For example, if you set a rule to only buy one brand, or one color, it makes things a lot easier to focus.

A few of my reasons for having multiples are:

I like variety;
I enjoy collecting based on themes (the thrill of the hunt); and
I enjoy supporting my favorite companies.

I think multiples are good, if you can afford it. But, you don’t ever want a hobby to become a financial burden. Money comes and goes, so if finances are not good now, most of these yo-yos can be found easily second hand later, when you have the funds. After all, some of the thrill of collecting is “the hunt.”

To be completely… I mean completely honest, my reasons are as follows:

  1. Greed, some people prefer calling it “collecting” but down there it’s still driven by the same “always wanting more” feeling, at least that’s how I feel. It’s natural for us humans to feel that way, just be careful not to trip into that too far.
  2. Different yoyos play differently, good for cross training so you won’t stuck in a certain yoyo and don’t perform well with the others.

I think that many of us do multiples for different reasons. There is an “artistic” side to me, that appreciates the artistic value of yo-yos. In my case, multiples are not just play variety. I don’t have 9 shutters because they all play different. It’s also something I like in varieties of color, shape, engraving, and finish. Play-wise I would have stopped buying after maybe one polished and one blasted. I consider the play for the initial buy of a model, but a lot of it, for me, is very much looks driven.

I don’t believe we need any yo-yos at all, and to play, very few. I consider the rest your own standard of what you want to do in the hobby. I just don’t think we can define the boundaries, and it’s something for you to decide what makes the most sense for your situation.

I have seen a few people literally disappear from the forum after a series of posts about not being able to handle buying yo-yos responsibly. This should never be a burden, and just something fun to do.

If you don’t buy yoyos, Paul Dang doesn’t eat. That’s the logic I use anyways.


Seriously though, the guys running these companies are all great chaps trying to make a living, so I feel good that I can help support them and keep the company (and in turn, the community) going, as well as the added benefit of getting a shiny new toy for my troubles.

I have a pretty decent yoyo collection, but there aren’t many of them that I regret buying. If you have the money, then why not buy something that you love. Any doubts or buyers remorse I might feel after dropping lots of money on a new throw is normally eliminated once I receive it and start throwing it. :slight_smile:


I think I understand the OP’s position. The way I deal with my own small collection is to (a) use disposable income and (b) put limits on myself. For me, I like the variety of having different size, shape, finish, material and color ways. For me, there wouldn’t be much fun in having multiples of the same model. Also, while I enjoy the variety of different throws, I also want to feel each throw gets used (same guiding principle I use with my small fountain pen collection). I believe toys and pens are meant to be used and enjoyed. Others get enjoyment from having a few ‘user’ throws/pens and some “collection” items that they enjoy owning. Neither is right or wrong, good or bad. That is part of what makes any hobby fun, the people are all different.

However, I will echo what many others have said, however you want to participate in this hobby, be financially responsible. Don’t take away from life needs…food,shelter, clothing, extend to education, emergency fund, retirement planning, charity. Balance and moderation. Balance leads to less stress.

^I feel the same way I don’t buy multiples of the same yoyo. I always buy different shaped yoyo’s in different colors that play different. And I only buy them if I have the money there are some great yoyo’s I’ve had to pass up because of that. So if you have the money whhy not but the yoyo’s? if you don’t have the money and you need it for other things than wait until the next release or try the BST later.

Same as Erik, it’s about trying all the different yoyos. Once I have tried one, I rarely feel the desire for a multiple of it. I had multiples of the SPYY Punch Line and El Ranchero, but even those I’m down to one each.

okay so you have two pairs of shoes… each feel and look different… the same goes with yoyos i have a cypher that plays different then my triton which plays different then my rally with plays different then my rainfly… all play different and feel different…

now for having multiples of the same yoyo… i know people who have multiples of the same shoes but with different colors…

You like to colors of the same yoyo if you have enough money to buy both without ending up on ramen noodles for the rest of your life then go ahead… now if it might risk putting yourself in a financial slum you might want to choose the color you like the most or do have some choose for you.

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^^ true talk. I think Erik and I were only sharing our own approaches.

I do in fact buy multiples of the same shoe in different colours. :wink: Found this particular pair of Keens that was just perfect for me. Needed brown, black, and that jaunty two-toned brown+beige.

Each yoyo feels different as alecto says. I like to have multiple because of that reason. I have had about 50 yoyos in my career but I am only using about 25 of them. The rest of them are either out of order or I sold them. Each one is different. The only multiples I have are TEXTs which is because I am part of GN Yoyo Co. I will do the same with the Phoenix. However, I am planning on getting multiples for whatever I am going to use at a contests and always use those.
If you have multiples of the same yoyo it can help you on stage. You can practice with one yoyo and not with your main plus your backups. If they all feel the same, you will not have to make a sudden transaction to a completely different feel on stage.

I don’t know bro… I have two yoyos right now (for fixed axle). I have limited money to buy stuff and I still have to buy a kendama to stop mooching off of my brother. I think having limited throws makes you appreciate and love every yoyo you have. I’m so rough on yoyos that I have broken over 7 yoyos.

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It’s very much this. Why limit your enjoyment to just one throw? Doesn’t everyone like trying something new time to time? No matter what your interest are I’m sure varity plays a big part of the enjoyment. Here’s the only logic you need. It’s fun. What else would you need to know?

Well you can at least try to have a yoyo for each style. Something fast for 1A. 2A responsive pair. Stable and not to wide 3A pair. Offstring throw for 4A. Something Stable for 5a. Can’t forget fixed axle and a relaxed throw. You’ll want to try undersize and fullsize yoyos along with bimetals and titaniums eventually. There’s also different weights to try and shapes. Same goes for getting a lightup/glow yoyo to take out in the dark.

The big reason to try other yoyos is because they’re different and each of them is unique. Some will stand out more than others of course but if you run into a yoyo that doesn’t fit you then trade it for something new.

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I bought an HSPIN G&E4 black lily. Liked it so much I bought another. Played one with the stock bearing (wide gap) and the other with a bit narrower bearing. Eventually sold the wide gap version. Still one of my favorites.

rather a silly question if you ask me…

ask yourself:

do I want to live with one yoyo?

if you want more buy them; if you need a reason don’t unless YOU can give yourself a good one.