Buying yoyos - Is it a bad thing?

So, I counted up all my yoyos, and I have fifteen yoyos overall. Probably about half of them were gifts and the rest of them I bought myself. I just got three yoyos last week, spending about $50 on them overall. This week has BARELY started, and I already want to go pick up two FHZs. I don’t need them at all, but I do want them despite my rather large collection.

Have you guys had a similar problem? I mean, I’m seventeen, and I get quite a bit of money from my grandparents, and so I don’t have any bills or anything, so it’s all disposable income. How have you dealt with this? Do you feel like your buying too much, or do you feel like it’s okay? I feel like, it’s my money, I don’t have bills or anything, so why not? I just wonder sometimes, ya know?

Join the club were we spend much money on a yoyo just because of the colorway ie clyw yoyos or just because it not in our collection

I feel that if its your money and you are able to spend it without any bills to pay, you can do it. But I mean, my parents sometimes say its unhealthy to buy so many yoyos, and to spend it all on one thing. They tell me to have a variety and not buy so many yoyos, but I do buy some clothes every now and then. But I mean if its your passion, and you are very passionate about it, like I am, then I think it’s fine to buy as many as you please. :slight_smile:

People always say material things won’t buy you happiness, but they just haven’t played with yoyo’s yet.


why buy yoyos when you can go to worlds?

No it isn’t, but I don’t buy that many yoyo’s. I try to keep my collection a variety and to not have any duplicates. I just ordered my first yoyo in weeks the Steve brown pro pack. I say yoyo because I don’t want the die nasty and am selling I am probably selling it to a friend for $15. I might keep them together though.

edit I am keeping the die nasty to keep the set together

It’s an addiction. I’m trying not to relapse until the 2nd run Majesty release. It’s going to be very hard.

Yes, it’s a very bad thing, but stealing them is really bad.

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I hardly ever buy yoyos, I try to keep my collection really small 5 and under.
I feel like having too many yoyos is a waste, I pick a few I really like and don’t get any more until it’s necessary.

That’s just my opinion and how I feel about large collections. I’m actually trying to get my collection down to 2 right now.

you’ve spent like a million dollars on FHZ’s HUH?

I don’t buy yoyos. I win them.

How might I ask?

I just like to have a few unresponsive variety, and something for every style.
Thats the most important thing IMO. If you learn and have the yoyos for all styles, you won’t get as bored as you would with 10 1a vs 1 4a 3 1a 1 5a and 1 2a pair and 1 3a pair and maybe a cheap responsive and a Wooden.

Lol, I wish I had a million dollars period

You know those Facebook contests? Yeah…
My most recent purchase before the Shaqler Pro Pack was a Classic off Billy Bob’s Bait and Tackle.

I will be honest with you. If I could go back to when I was 17, or younger for that matter, I would certainly not waste so much money. If I could have trained myself back then to hold on to most of it, or learn to invest it, it definitely would have done me a lot more good than a ton of yoyos… I mean, come on.

Sure, you could have more expensive or illegal addictions but it would serve you well to learn self-control when it comes to spending money frivolously. Just a thought.

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Heres my take on it. If you want to have more yoyos, sell some to get more. Basically you wont lose much money and you can keep recycling/trading/acquiring new yos if you buy used and sell the throws you dont use as often

Buying some new toys is definitely an okay thing to do, but there is a point where there is only so much you really need. The money you spent on a handful of inexpensive yoyos could have gone to something you would much rather have; such as an expensive premium yoyo, or a new phone, or a down payment on a car, or your mortgage.

Putting everything in perspective it’s not the small purchases that hurt you; is the spending habits and behaviors that you create that really matter.

If you are in control of your finances and prepare for your future; you’ll have nothing to worry about. :slight_smile:

I don’t have money… I have only bought two yoyos. Now I have like 17.

Definitely be fiscally responsible. Beyond that, if you consider it “disposable” money I say have at it. If everyone socked away their money we’d have no economy.

As part of being responsible, my wife and I allocate a certain amount of “funny money” per paycheck that we can spend on ourselves in whatever way we see fit. It takes into account our entire budget including retirement investments, our kids eduacations, mortgage, etc. So when we spend it, we can do it without remorse.

Before yoyos, I used to just eat more junk food (staples are budgeted for, but junk food is personal frivolous expense). Now instead of buying some chips and a pop I think to myself, “That’ll set you back from getting your next yoyo.”

So really, yoyos are making me healthier.

Go, yoyos!

As long as you’re financially sound, I don’t see the problem
If you are with your parents, take a few months break before asking for another