yoyo purchasing?

i have already experienced purchasing yoyos. it is just that im doing it too fast. i have been throwing for a year and a few months and i have thirteen yoyos. do you have any advice for me?

I’m sorry but I don’t see that as a problem. I have over 200 yoyo’s. only 7 years of throwing. that averages to 28 yoyo’s per year. Not to mention how much modder fodder I have. I could honestly create at least 30 more yoyo’s

As long as you’re not putting your family into poverty with the spending, I can’t really see the problem. Start a Yo-yoers Anonymous group or something. :stuck_out_tongue:

having alot of yoyos is great, again as long as you have the money, ive been yoyoing for a year and 2 months and i have 23 yoyos, sometimes when i get bored with yoyoing picking up a new yoyo is all i need to get me going again.

The more the better!

i have been yoyoing for almost 2 years and i have had atleast 40 yoyos

ive been throwing for in reality about 4 months i WOULD have had 7 but pgm = broke protostar=broke
legacy=broke im never buying a plastic again-.- unless its the one or the protostar

Haha, to curb my obsessive wheeling and dealing on the BSTs, which resulted in quite a bit of yoyo clutter, I now limit myself to what I can fit in my case.

Luckily, I’ve got a bigger case on the way as we speak… ;D

…Advice… ok, heres some. Stop buying yoyos. Unless yoyo’s have a tendancey to magically show up at your door that generally stops the problem for most people.

I’ve been yoyoing for 9 months, and I have owned at least 40 yoyos, but I’ve tried about 70+. I trade WAY too much though. A yoyo will barely last 2 weeks with me. I rarely buy.

i dont know the last time i bought something thats not a yoyo or yoyo related… i think my problem is that i buy them not long after i hear about them. also i want to save money for an iTouch, but i haven’t taken the time yet.

Then buy an Itouch … I have been throwing for almost a collective year ( excluding breaks) I have a pgm , dm1 , speed dial, Duncan dragonfly, butterfly , yomega power brain, and am just now thinking about a severe

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