How many yoyos is enough?

I’ve got over 50 throws now, not all of them I purchased myself, but how many yoyos is enough?

I find I’m always in a constant search for new yoyos that have certain characteristics that my other yoyos don’t have to the same degree.

1 is really all you need, but what you want is up to you.

The equation is as follows.

n = how many yoyo’s you currently have

n + 1


It all depends on each individual, no two person is minded alike.

For me, I’ll have about 15 yoyos when my Titanium +Aluminum + Plastic Dream and my Nobunaga arrives. But I will be giving away the Aluminum and Plastic Dream through a raffle when I create a local meet-up event as incentive for those to come.

I’ve been yoyo’ing since December of last year and I already have a abundant of yoyos. I don’t think I will buy anymore any time soon due to the fact that my goal of filling up my yoyo bag is fulfilled.

I think around 10-15 satisfies me. But they have to be in constant rotation. I lose money on BST transactions because of int’l shipping, but I still do it in order to try out new (to me) stuff and settle on favourites. I still support YYE whenever I can, though. :slight_smile:

I’d say about 5 that play very differently.

Agreed, I currently have 11, and I’ve had probably about 40. I find it helpful to keep a ledger, just to keep track of things.

Depends on how many cm^3 your living quarters happen to be

I don’t need any at all, but I want a lot. :smiley:

I don’t put any limitations, no bottom and no ceiling, on how many I can have. I live pretty free in the yo-yo buying world of things. I do what feels right, and what I can afford. I have plenty of room for them. It is part of the philosophy of the phrase I coined, “throw rich” some time ago. The good thing about this hobby, is that you’re never really stuck with them, and they’re easy enough to unload if you ever had to do it. I encourage people to buy, buy, buy.

It’s buying yo-yos that supports the contests you go to, encourages new designs to be made, and keeps our favorite yo-yo companies in business. It’s putting food on the table for some people too. Also, it’s just pure fun! If no one is buying yo-yos, you have to wonder what is the incentive to make any new ones. I make sure I do my part, as buying is good for the sport in general.

That’s the end of this public service announcement. ;D *I might come back in here later and go off the top, this topic is inspiring some good lyrics.


I hadn’t looked at it like that before, that makes a lot of sense.

I always want/need just one more. +1 more is always the perfect number. :-*

I thought I would be living happy when I finally got my CZM8…

until the CzechPoint was brought to life. Now IDK anymore

n+1 is always a good rule to go by

Definitely wouldn’t put a ceiling. I’ve had upwards of 40. I would have over 100 if I kept them all, I think. But 10-15 “feels right” to me. Any more than that and I never seem to get around to playing them. And what “feels right” for my personal collection of yoyos is to be playing them.

I havent’ actually counted my yoyos but there are many that are collecting dust and are just part of a collection. I have maybe about 15-20 main throws I’ll cycle through and play. This is a comfortable number to work with actually. Eventually I’ll get tired of playing one throw and set it down for a while while I play a handful of others for a while, rotating things out.

Most of my dust collectors are some older plastics.

For me is 10, but I will always have more

Reminds me of this kid I used to know, always had his beat baby blue KLR with him.

That’s all I ever saw him throw. Kinda wish I had that one yoyo, but I don’t have the discipline.

… about a hundred. ;D

To me all I really need are:
2 Unresponsives total for 1A, 3A, and 5A
A Pair of loopers for 2A that are starburst response
A pair of offstrings for soloham
and maybe a few responsives and maybe another unresponsive to let people try when they ask to on the street or when I’m teaching someone. :smiley:
This would mean that if I ever compete I’d go like Hank Freeman tho which is like the riskiest thing ever but I’d be fine…

Only problem really for me is the maintenance since I play all 5 styles and I always run out of pads like right now (On last pair for a while now) where I don’t have any pads left, running out of string too. About 20 Kitty Normals left but I usually make em last a month each. I really need to get flowable silicone or mix up something one of these days…

You’re right TA! I SHOULD buy more yoyos!

That n+1 post was sheer genius. Every time I think I’m done for a while, another company comes along with something new and exciting that I can’t say no to. It’s a conspiracy I tells ya!

In terms of how many yoyos are enough, I’m going to say 3 (specific, I know):

1 Daily Walkabout throw
1 Stable, solid yoyo for ease of trick development
1 Lighter faster yoyo for when you’re feeling something different or want to imagine winning worlds.

So for me personally I could get away with:

1 Onedrop Markmont.Classic/Rally
1 CLYW Sasquatch
1 Yoyorecreation Sleipnir

I feel that would have the bases covered. Granted, you could get away with 1 walkabout and 1 backup, but I feel that 3 would have a better variety to keep things interesting. :slight_smile:

Still, never hurts to have a couple more. A couple of hundred more that is…

I think k about 15 or 20.
Thet includes 1a 2a 4a and 5a.
I think about 7 yoyos for 1a. 3 yoyos for 2a. 3 yoyos for 4a and 2 yoyos for 5a a day 3 fixed axle or less competition oriented yoyos. All different.