How many yoyos do you have?

How many yoyos do you guys have? I was just wondering because I think I have a problem… I have 21…

I have 18 clyw :o(I just realized this when I found out that every yoyo in my 3x6 case was clyw). 14 Yoyofactory, 2 onedrop and 2 vsnyyc. The rest of my throws are old broken yomegas from when I first started throwing in 2012.

I have 36 yoyos.

I have:
3 One Drops
10 YYFs
6 YYJs
12 Duncans
3 Yomegas
6 RecRevs
2 MagicYoYos
and lost count on other miscellaneous throws I have…in total I have over 9000 (ok more like over 50) yoyos,3985.0.html

And I have 7 Yoyofactory 1sold

3 Duncans

1 Clyw

2 auldey

1 unnamed

Over 50.

Me? 8) I have 4 or 5 and some are shared with my brother. Saving moey for something big though :D.

So with my four months of Yo-Yoing. I’ve picked up the Yomega Fireball. YYJ Surge, 2 YYF Replay Pro, A vosun, and A recRev. I have 6 yoyo’s in only 4 months… Is that bad?

In another week or so, I’ll be at a dozen, which is where I like to be.

I have about 20+ yoyos in my personal collection. 60+ shouts.

Over 100

20 right now…
Onedrop 7
OnedropXclyw 1
GenYo 4
Turning point 1
Duncan 3

Primary rotation is
OD 2
GY 3
TP 1

Remaining 10 need to be sold/given away.

ThinkH2o, I’ve only been taking this “seriously” about four months also. So from me to you, don’t sweat it, your obsession could be worse :). You are perfectly sane.

I have 7 but I just ordered a Dazzler 8). What a good use of $700+

23 yoyos

Used to be like 50 then I reduce the number quite a lot lately now about 20-25 not including wood fixies.

Yes, only having 21 would be considered a problem. You need MORE. :wink:


I have too many and not enough.

Not Enough ;D. but if I count them, then the wife will find out! :-[ but the number is up there

If I guess right you’ll give away a yoyo

2 or 3


thats nothing. I have 4 yoyos in a month and a half. Technically 5 but it’s garbage. Wouk be more but the misses said no more… For now ::slight_smile: