How many yoyos? (Merged)

I do not consider myself to be a collector. I have around 12 throws but I was wondering about how many throws do you have. I find myself wondering where I stand in the yoyo community since this is the only real way to contact other yoyoist. Also how many repeats of the same yoyos do you have?


It’s not about how many you have, just keep throwing and enjoy the hobby… It grows by itself.

R.i.p my bank account

Edit- I have been focusing on my general yo collection, so I have 3-4 of each model. Still trying to get that Purple Heart mini star

15-20, but I’ve had 40+

I have 1 repeat yoyo, and that’s my 3a pair, my protostars. I’ve had 3 dm2s at one time before, but now I only have one.

Ive got 12 throws

I have a good 30? Or so? I’m currently trying to fill up my case with contest throws and metals, but I’m still waiting for a throw to be shipped in for a trade.

Let’s see, without turning my head, I see eight, then there is at least two cases in the living room, and there is a drawer full to my right, and then there are a few boxes in the closet, and then there is that shelf full in the utility room, then the vehicles and my office, and I must not forget the garage.

Forget it! Counting can be such a waste of time. I could be yo-yoing instead. :wink:

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35 yoyos exactly, including all dollar store ones, broken ones, and the two that are out getting modded

I dunno, maybe 30-40? It grows, then I trim it down on the b/s/t. I buy yoyos so I can sell yoyos so I can buy yoyos.

22 I used to have more but traded alot of my mid range and plastics for highends

I also have to doubles, protons and Protostars both for 3a.

  1. Only 3.

looking to downsize some more, might be getting rid of 4 throws to get one throw

OVER 9000!!!

I’m too lazy to count so I’ll list all of them since its clearly faster :wink:

Titan 3
Next level
Theory (2)
Hitman X proto
Hitman Pro
WWYC Surge
Surge proto
Go Big
Fiesta XX
Unleashed (2)

Now onto my old models:
Night Moves 4
Dark Magic 1 special edition
Normal Dark Magic 1 (2)

Now my non- YoYoJam
Sine saw
B-Grade F(x) (3)

And we are done. So 33 yoyos :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you play any 3a or do you just like doubles?

He does not play 3a.

He had 4 theories, which was a competition set, but he sold 2.

He plays 2a, so he has a pair of unleashed.

He likes having old, rare, discontinued YYJs, so he has 3 dm1s, 2 of which play like crap anyways.

I dont know where the random fx trio came from lol

75+ right now (mostly all $100+ metals). I’m more focused on quality and not quantity as of lately. I really like “unique” playing/feeling throws that offer something different from what I already have in my collection. I rarely keep doubles of the same throw.

My collection stays at around 20-30. I sell a bunch to afford other ones. I try not to have more than 30

Someone on yoyonation claims to have two on their bst.

I have 6 metals and a Hayabusa that almost never gets played.

5, including the messed up 4a throw with no parts, and a yomega power wing thats older than me.

13 throws 9 of them metals 2 plastics 2 bimetals