Poll: The Fate of Your Throws


I’m wondering, of all the yo-yos you ever bought, what percentage of them do you still have?

Please vote in the poll, and pick the option that fits closest to that. If you care to comment, about the reason why, you can do so here.

For me, personally, I selected the first option. I would estimate that I still have about 95% of the yo-yos I ever bought. But, that might be different, if I was into yo-yo for many more years. The thing is, yo-yos take up so little space, that having too many will never be the reason to get rid of them. It would have to be due to lack of interest in them, or if financially, it didn’t make much sense anymore. The ones I’ve sold have usually been doubles, or they were cheap plastics that I lost interest in over time.



Well, I’ve never sold any throws I’ve bought, but I have kind of broken them or somehow deemed them unplayable, so I just shoved them aside or put them somewhere where they were eventually forgotten (by accident). So, I guess I do still have them, but it’s not like they’re all in use.

But anyway, yeah, never sold any.

(DarkPirate) #3

I’m really bad about yoyo nastalgia. I have all the yoyo stuff I ever got. I still have my Duncan Imperial I got as a kid before I got into yoyo. Also I once had an old Duncan Avenger that flew off the string and shattered into a concrete wall, and I still have all the pieces.

The only yoyo I don’t still have is my Hitman Hybrid that I retired after the plastic started cracking. I lost it when I moved away from college. I wish I still had it that was a fun yoyo.

Total # of yoyos purchased ~40


Very interesting. From the poll so far, it appears the buy sell trade community is actually a small segment of the forum population. We’ll see how it turns out in the end.

If you don’t mind sharing, how many do you estimate you have ever bought?


Mine would be about 50:50. I don’t keep things that after a time I realize I really don’t play, and that isn’t something I want to collect either. I can see this being the case until I’ve caught up with I guess the ‘backlog’ of throws that I really want to try and haven’t as yet. While yoyos don’t take up a lot of space, there are more throws I’d like to try than I could purchase feasibly and so using yoyos as trade currency eases that a little, again particularly with those that otherwise would just sit in a case. There are some throws that after trying for a while I’ve been genuinely disappointed with and those are the first to go.


I picked that all will be sold. Its the closest to what I do. Keep what I really like. Trade or sell the rest to get what I like.


I have about 1% left.


Thanks for chiming in to give it to us from a 50/50 standpoint. I see where you’re coming from. Some people don’t like to keep things around that are not being used. If you’re a player, not so much a collector, it just makes sense.


What’s up Fellavader!! ;D

His trade count says it all. But, just remember to give me dibs on the YoyoExpert Editions…that’s all I ask. :wink: Using this method, I bet you’ve tried more throws than most. It’s a nice way to try things and enjoy a lot of different throws, without spending a ton of money.


I have to say that I’m a bit of a collector, but I’m really only aiming to collect things I’m really after. That probably accounts for 25% total. 25% is kept around as solely playing items, and then the other 50% gets traded.


I figured that in the 50/50 mindset, there must be a good reason to keep the half that never leaves. So, have you been collecting something specific…a certain brand perhaps, or just whatever specific throws you like? I focus on the YYE Editions, and micros, and moving into titaniums.

I wonder if I will grow into a 50/50 or remain the same in the future. I haven’t been in the game that long, so time will tell.


Yeah, I mean I went out of my way to find the VsNYYC I wanted, and there are still some pieces I’d pay or trade handsomely for, despite now having multiples of everything except the G3T. I also really love the Delirium Dive colorway so I think I have one of each CLYW that has been produced in it (disappointingly there’s no BVM2 in that colorway). I will ensure I have multiples of every Sturm Panzer release. I will also ensure that I try and find Deadly Spins releases. I have a reasonable number of YYR (10 or so I think). I will also try and acquire anti-yo, but not with as much fervor as some of the other stuff. Outside of that a variety of ‘players’ in a variety of colors. My other main desire is to try throws from new companies. I have been so pleasantly surprised with some - my Gambit is a dream - up there with the best, and I have a pair of Capital Serum’s which are terrific throws for the price point. I think it is important to support budding designers wherever possible!


I’ve only bought I think 12. So, not that many in the end at all compared to most of you. The only reason that I haven’t used the buy sell trade is that I haven’t come across any yoyos that I’ve bought that I would like to sell or trade. I love them all. ;D


With one or two exceptions I probably have all the yoyos I’ve bought in recent years. I had a duplicate hspin black lily I traded for a pyro light, and sold a couple of lesser YYJ models I really didn’t care for at all, but that’s rare.


Due to my history of winning lots of yoyos in Facebook contests, I’ve made a rule to myself never to sell any yoyos because I believe it’ll be disrespectful for the brands who sent me yoyos as prizes if I’ll just sell it. Even with the fewest yoyos I’ve bought I don’t sell them either.


Right now I have all my throws, which consists of 5 yo-yos, the dv888, my first yoyo XD, classic, shaqlerstar, pinnacle (just bought it for a semi responsive yoyo and to try 5a, gave up), and a go big (love 4a, dont like the go big though)… will get a pair of YYJ Unleasheds to start 2A, a pair of Adegle PSGs to start 3A, and a Yoyofficer Fit to get another undersized metal, will get a Yoyofficer Gravity in the future to continue 4A (Go Big just doesnt work for me :frowning: ) Yes, yes I am trying to master 4 of the 5 styles :smiley: still use all my yo-yos :smiley: will not sell any, i dont trust the bst some people scam…


I’ve had 15 yoyos. I sold my Fast 201 to my sister for $2. I sent one to my other sister’s boyfriend who is deployed. And lastly I lost my Keychain yoyo. So 86%.


Some good comments so far. I almost put in an option about gifting away yo-yos, but figured it would make things confusing for the poll. But, I have gifted a few from my collection. I just didn’t count those for the sake of the poll. Always nice to gift a yo-yo here and there.

I know my feedback may not seem to match my vote, that I kept majority of my throws. But, I am usually a buyer in transactions. Even when I’ve been a seller, it wasn’t always a yo-yo sold. It was probably a holder early on, or a speedcube…but rarely a yo-yo. Also, when I have sold a yo-yo, it was likely sold on Ebay, not on the BST.


I’ve bough about 40 and only have 1 from my original collection lost somewhere in my shed. I get tired of having damaged yoyos, even if they play good. I’m planning to get rid of my Metals to buy new ones, buy a Display for my Retired YoYoJam models. (Because those rarely leave me unless I have multiples) and get rid of my old ones that I don’t play as much. I will probably only keep:

Black/Yellow Theory (gonna send it off for a mirror polish and then a custom ano)
Pink Trigger
Purple Classic
XLR8 Worlds Release (thanks Kristen Bjork!)
YYR Clash (getting one soon. Gonna try and trade it for a YoYoJam WYYC Ed. Diamondback)

That’s it, the rest is gonna be sold and replaced in the future when I have the funds (probably gonna start getting rid of things before Nats, gonna pick up a Black Diamondback, a Collid3r, a special Ed. Vexed, a special Ed SR-71, a Karma, a new Titan 3, a new H3X, a new New Breed, and a Phenom before and during Nats. I wanna start fresh, I have big plans which require big funds, so hopefully I can stop trading on this site, it’s getting too addicting for me.)


^ Your last post brought a few things to mind iYoyo. I’ve been watching the polls and it seems most people keep all, or most of their yo-yos. The buy sell trade community seems to be very small, or smaller than I thought anyway. Those who sell and trade a lot, probably have the same idea as Fellavader, and would rather try many different throws than be set on a specific collection. It is far from my way, but I have to admit it is one of the most economical ways to enjoy the hobby.

I thought of this from your last post, because you mentioned about the BST being kind of addicting. I think to a small number here, it has become a sport of sorts to find the best deals. It is like a hobby within a hobby, maneuvering with certain deals. I think my main goal frequenting the BST, initially was to obtain yo-yos that were released before my time in the hobby. It was the only way to go back and find them. Now, I am mostly caught up with that, but not totally. So, my BST activity has slowed trememdously, but from a collector standpoint I’m always looking for something on there. For that reason, I cannot totally disconnect and just buy new. Now, it’s titaniums and a few micros mainly I’m looking for.