Cannot sell, feels like a void ...

Does anyone else find themselves not being able to make a sell any of their yoyos? Earlier this week I was given a very fair offer in my lesula and just as I was about to say yes I found myself in a bad space where I felt like I was selling one of my kids or something and it fell horrible. So I had to decline and doubt I’ll being moving any of my collection ever so long as I keep playing yoyo.

So am I the only one?

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Yes and no. It’s obviously hard to sell yoyos you use regularly, or ones that you have a significant history with (I almost never use my recessed FH1 anymore, but I just can’t bring myself to sell it).

If you really have a hard time selling any of your throws, though, I think it’d be good for you to try to push through that feeling! Trading is a good compromise; get rid of something you don’t use much for something you might enjoy more.

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I won’t trade either I use all my yoyos in the course of my week and I love way one differently and they all fill a different feeling and style of play and allow me to mess around a little differently with the same tricks. I just can’t bring myself to get rid if any of them.

I am dead inside.


Hehe, I normally hate trading throws that I just got, but I traded an AC a few days after getting it. It was mint and dead smooth. lol

Usually I’m like that but right now I’m having a hard time getting rid of stuff I don’t want. Like my Cascade. I love this thing but need that PURE so bad :frowning: Only $60 people just buy it already…

I remember when I first got my Purple Mountain Majesty I got insane offers on it but couldn’t let it go, then when I finally let it go I was devastated… I miss all of my general yo so much. They were like family to me they helped me get through ALOT. Sorry if this is weird…

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I know your feeling much more than you know. I’m going to go ahead and say that when it comes to something that you really enjoy doing, it is like losing a really amazing girlfriend. I currently own 14 guitars and I have only sold 1 guitar in my entire life. I needed a backup guitar for touring and I was low on cash (you don’t really make a lot of money as a touring musician in the early stages) and I went to go sell my only 7 string because I didn’t have a use for it in the 5+ years that I owned it other than playing by myself. I went and sold this guitar and still to this day I regret that decision. Even though I have a brand new 7 string and I absolutely love it, that one guitar feels like the one that got away. If I could find that guitar again I would happily play 10 times what I spent on it to get it back if I had the funds. When it comes to yoyos it seems so strange to think that you could feel as attached to a toy, but something about it just feels like it is really personal.

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It’s a double edged sword. I can’t tell you all the throws I’ve gotten rid of that I would love to have back. That being said, almost all those yoyos I got through trading and selling to buy others. I’ve loved and lost but that’s why I’ve owned and played hundreds of throws

Soon the one I let go of that haunts me will be back in my hand. If it’s really your hearts desire and you’ll do anything to get it back it will return to you

If I just don’t let them go then I don’t have to worry.

I find it almost impossible to sell also. Ironically I just sold one today, but I had no history with it-- a Punch Line Repeater in great condition, but not my ideal colourway. Finally bought one in my ideal colourway, so I could guiltlessly sell the other. :wink:

Hardly ever throw my Kyo DNS anymore, but it’s such an interesting and downright GOOD yoyo… plus it was my first metal. Wouldn’t sell my Lesula, as I won it because of a video that I put a lot of work into and was proud of! The list goes on…

I do find I have “too many” yoyos now, at “only” 20 or so metals, 3 woods, and a bunch of plastics of varying quality. So I kind of WANT to sell some. But every time I think I’ve identified one I could live without, I change my mind.

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I’ve bought many throws convincing myself that if I didn’t love them I could put them on the BST. I did not love a number of them. I’ve never put a yoyo on the BST.

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We have similar numbers Greg. I do t had any woods though, I really need to change that! I think I’m at 19 metals and a plastics too (I really need to post more in Instagram of what I have).

Are you on instagram Greg? And it’s nice to see so many share a similar disposition as me concerning this topic.

Thanks all for seriously sharing.

I feel exactly 100% the same way… I was gonna get $20 more for my bape.2 than I bought it for… yet I turned it down…

I only just signed up for Instagram. Not sure what to make of it yet. Signed up mainly to watch Sanchez202’s Gen-Yo contest videos (which are KILLER!). I don’t have any content on there.

Seems like there are a few of us with a similar disposition!

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Just dont sell a throw your love got you for anniversary ha

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Would you say they are KLR? ;D

As for your question Snafu, I definitely feel the same way as you do. Some yoyos, such as my Code 1’s and Ministar, I would never give away unless absolutely necessary.

Similarly to you, I got a very fair offer on my Yeti, yet I couldn’t bring myself to pull the trigger. Sure, there will be hundreds, if not thousands of these Yetis, and I would have made a profit, but this one was mine. The sentimental value of certain yoyos in my collection will keep me from ever giving them up.

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It must have been some ambitious character after that YYE colorway Lesula. How dare they try to wrestle it away from you. :smiley: (T.A. hides horns and pitchfork).

But seriously, I fully understand how you feel. I sold an estimated 5% of my throws since I began. I sell very few. Many of those were “beginner yo-yos,” or cheap yo-yos that I had become bored with. The other ones, that were either not in my ideal colors, did not fit my preferences, or were just a double, were given away instead. I have given away more than I have sold. I have given away or sold a few that I regretted getting rid of. Most, I have not missed. But, it is a horrible feeling if you miss them. :stuck_out_tongue:

To buy a yo-yo, I really had to want it to begin with. That makes it harder to sell.

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Haha! Yeah, there’s another: got a Wrath from my wife for Christmas. I mean, I love that yoyo anyhow, but definitely can’t ever get rid of it.

Occurred to me to add this: I’ve had a much easier time giving away yoyos. Granted, most have been plastics, but they were players and actually had a bit of sentimental value to me. I also gave away a Capless that I loved and yet I’ve never once regretted it. It’s almost like when I give them away I’m saying “hey little buddy, found a good home for you!” which isn’t a bad feeling. :wink:

[whoah, Ninja’d re: the giving away thing by TA!]

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I think there will always be a few that stay in the case, no matter what.

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I seldom sell yoyos, so far anyways. What I usually do, is try to keep up on various folks that have been looking/searching/asking around about yoyos that just seem to nowhere to be found.

If I recognize that somebody is on a serious Quest to rectify something they regret, I will contact them about selling or trading(if I have what they are looking for, obviously). That way, it is a good feeling to help somebody accomplish their mission.

I remember, many years ago, Playmaxx came out with the Nuclear Ace(serious glow in the dark powder coating on a little yoyo).

They were really nice(at the time). They were selling, but not superfast. So I would buy one and then a few days later, another one. Well, I ended up with 4 of them. And I think they only made a total of about 30 or 40? So, I had like, 10 percent of the Whole run, lol.

I didn’t want to feel like I was Hoarding them, so I literally gave them away for a song. Since I gave them away, over time, I didn’t pay attention to whether I had 3 left or 2 left or one left.

One day I realized that the last one I passed on to a New owner, was the LAST Nuclear Ace I had. That Totally bummed me out. From 4 to nothing, intentionally unintentional.

I looked and asked all over the place, but no luck!

Then one day, I was contacted by another yoer. I had shared my sad little story to a few of the guys. One of them, while checking out yoyos on Ebay, noticed one of the Aces on Ebay. He won the Auction and about 4days later the Nuclear Ace had been shipped to my house. I had gone from 4 to none and had been looking ALL over to just get one.

I called him up and he just said,’ I knew you were seriously looking for one and I sure know that feeling’.

I will Never forget how Happy I was when I opened the little box. I notice a similar feeling when I picture somebody on the ‘other end of the Mail’ opening a box and seeing the yo they have been losing sleep over.

It really doesn’t matter whether getting their Holy Grail yoyo, is the result of a trade, a gift or a sale. Finally snagging the Elusive yoyo is A Special Treat.

Every few months, I get out a few dozen yoyos and just set them on a table. I divide them into 2 groups: 1 have to keep and 2 expendable. Then I start throwing them for a few minutes apiece. And in less than the first 30 seconds, I remember exactly what I really liked about just about every single one of them. So about the time I am done, the yoyos have once again, become all part of the ’ have to keep’ group, hahahaha.

When I do trade, I don’t make ‘fast deals’. I like to make sure that the person is getting a yoyo they really want. I find it more important that the other person is going to be ‘fine’ with the trade. < Because I don’t want them to fall into ‘Regret Mode’.

…All that being said, though, I think how bad somebody might need some money, can dictate how 'less detached they can become to their yoze in a big hurry.