What throws do you regret getting rid of the most?


So I was looking back at some of my old collection pics and the throws I used to have back in the day and it really reminded me of some throws that I really regret selling/trading. What are some stuff you guys regret getting rid of?

I think the one that stands out the most for me is the YYR Overdrive. I loved that yoyo to pieces and I believe it was my favorite at the time. So light, so fast, so powerful, so amazing in every aspect, I’ve always regret selling it :-\

One Drop Summit, Cascade, Duncan Strix, and YYR Acrophobia are some others I really regret selling as well.


My bushman’s Avalanche (hated the color but it was a great throw) and my new breed, which was my first unresponsive.


I had two hspin black lilys (G&E 4) set up w/different bearings. Traded one away. Shoulda kept it…


I know I’m going to regret selling my Sovereign. Hasn’t set in yet, but I know I’ll miss it dearly. If anybody wants to trade one in good condition for a bronze Octavia, let me know.

Might eventually regret selling the Stealthzilla I had too, that thing was such an awesome little organic.

Maybe the black SPYY Addiction v2 I had. I’d want a mint one though, I had put a couple scratches in mine. So I don’t really regret that exact one, but in general I miss when it was mint a LOT. If you have a mint (or very, very near mint) black one that you’d part with, let me know and I’ll buy it.

Otherwise, I only miss some others, but don’t particularly regret selling/trading them.

Edit: on a more positive note, one of these is no longer on my list of regrets thanks to a recent trade =] http://i.imgur.com/zyuH9DU.jpg


Two rainbow Tom Kuhn No-Jives. One imperial and one butterfly. Sigh.


Painted peak #23
Also had a couple black with gold rimmed skylines, white gold and regular. Idk why I got rid of either of those.


I really miss my second run pyro from hspin. I also reeeeaally miss my good and evil 3. I just miss hspin. I loved their yoyos. Ohh I also really miss my throw down luchador.

(rizkiyoist) #8

I regret nothing :smiley:



I regret trading or selling:

OG Spyy pistolero,

Fools’ Gold Gold Nugget Peak,

OG Torrent

07 small bearing Stealth 888


The ones that I kind of regretted I’ve bought back. But overall everything I’ve sold/traded has been for a reason so I don’t regret them .


I also regret nothing. I still have all my good stuff with the exception of my Markmont,but I know I’ll score another and I kept a mmn so I’m covered.

(Rock Shouse) #12

I regret selling my beloved vsNewton…Ti-Walker! It was a beauty and It WAS mine! ???


Did the same thing, rock. Sold mine to another YYE member, who had it for a couple years. I tracked him down (well, I located his email) and found out he was living in the UK now and wanted to get engaged. So I bought the Ti-Walker back from him for 3 times what I sold it to him. But the money went towards his engagement ring, so I don’t feel bad. ;D

(InvaderDust) #14

Im getting rid of a chunk of my collection in favor for one certain throw im smitten with (tundra). Im stoked now, but I may post later on about missing them. My issue was that I picked yoyos that were too pretty. Because of that I didnt throw them much, and they deserved better than to collect dust like they were. The yoyo I traded for is my favorite player and one that will have more hours put on it in the first week than the entire time put on the whole lot traded in favor for it.

But letting go of my Rainbow Trout scout is feeling a little heavy, just cause.

(Steve Brown) #15

I should have kept that Mini Dert.


My Tom Kuhn SB2 back in 1998. I probably wouldn’t of stopped if I’d of kept it.


I never sell anything because I feel like you buy the return tops you buy for a certain reason (for most people), and trading it would cause too many “I should’ve kept it” moments. That’s not to say that selling is bad though. Some people need/want the money for different reasons, or want another throw.


1/12 purple/grey Majesty. Worst (yoyo) decision i’ve made…


Bip Bop CLYW Canvas. I thought getting twice what I paid was a great trade.

Wish I could have it back…


General Yo BA KLR. :’(