the yoyo you regret getting rid of...

Many of us have thrown a lot of yos. We must have one that we let go of that we wish we wouldn’t have. I know I do. What’s yours?

I most regret letting go of my YYJ Dark Magic 2.


Works Skywalker. traded it for a Galactic Goose. worst decision ever.


Markmont Next… Good thing I’m getting another one soon!

broken yoyos Sumo

I don’t have this problem because I keep all my throws. :slight_smile:

hahahaha suckers

All the yyj HG yoyos I sold or lost, spinfactors and k-os were sick

Original Peak

I regret letting go of my first unresponsive yoyo. It was originally an aqua 888x and became one of my early anodizing test subjects. I eventually sold it off as a custom anodized “Rasta” 888. Had a chance to trade again for it months later, but I felt the seller was asking too much. Ah well.

German Five Star Version 2

My first CLYW and I remember it was a first run chief too… It was custom ano’d orange by friend’s parents at their machine shop.

My cascade.

Never traded, gave, or lost a yoyo before.

I keep almost all of my yo-yos. The only ones I get rid of are doubles, or if I really do not like the yo-yo at all. Never any regrets under the circumstances.

Mypeak :frowning:

My first expensive yoyo, my YYF Superstar.

My Zach Gormely Chief. And my Overdrive.


Pete Kavka chief