Yoyos you regret buying?

Does anybody regret yoyos they’ve bought, maybe because of the color, shape, or it just wasn’t your type?

Mostly just throws I got at full price rather then waiting to pick up on BST.
That being said I don’t think I truly regret any yoyo I have bought. Even the ones I paid full price for, where fine, I just beat the crap out of throws so fast it seems silly to pay full price, but I do like to support the yoyo community so buying at retail is something I have too do sometimes.

Hitman Pro. Nothing like the original Hitman, which was exactly my type (or one of them). If I had known the Hitman X was coming years later…

Haven’t had any regrets so far. Enjoy all my throws. They were all worth my money.

no bc i successfullu sold all of those

None, at some point I wanted each yoyo I bought.

Not necessarily bought, but I’ve regretted trading for a few. Most notably, the YYF Equilateral, the Gradient, the Dang, and the Revenger to name a few. I also remember trading very heavily for a MIB Galactic Goose back before they were even worth the arm and a leg they are now. I regretted it at the time, but seriously wish i had held on to it. I’m pretty sure i traded it for an Arctic Circle when the first run came out.

Yep, the HM X plays very much like the original. Great yoyo. Get one.

I think the only thing I regret is buying so many yoyos in my beginner days.

If I was to go back to that time with what I know now, I would only own 4 or 5 based on their versatility.

So far only my Space Cowboy. Fantastic yo-yo by all accounts, but something about it just isn’t for me (I haven’t quite put my finger on it yet).

It plays like a brick filled with lead ::slight_smile:

I was coming in here to say the same thing

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The OD Yelets wasent my style sadly. But I traded it so it’s all good anyway :wink:

Aw, don’t rag on the Space Cowboy too much… It’s a pretty good bimetal for the price.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, it spins powerfully and for a while as well, and I can kinda see why some people like it, especially given the price…

But to me, it is just too heavy feeling, i.e. brick filled with lead in a bucket of concrete

Doesn’t feel heavy at all while in play. It’s only because of the extreme rim weight that gives it that kickback, making it feel heavy.

Anything not made in USA. Or anything from anyone who has any part of their lineup coming from China. Go watch Death By China documentary. I want as little amount of my money finding its way into the China economy as possible. Thanks to Onedrop, GenYo, G2 and YYWS for staying local and not contributing to the problem.

I need to start a BST thread this week.



Thanks! We keep it American! That’s a huge part of this!

I’m not so sure I’ve had a “regret” like this yet. Even when I bought something that didn’t play the way I hoped, it probably looked good enough for me to keep it in my collection anyway. And, even when I got it in my hands and it didn’t look or play the way I hoped, I’ve always been able to sell it. Then, at least I got to see for myself what it was like. The only regrets these days, are passing on certain yo-yos, and still wondering how they play or look in person.

The only yoyo I regret buying is the Duncan Metal Drifter. $25 down the drain. :frowning: