Why did I buy that?

Hey guys! New topic: has anybody ever bought something and then regret it later on?

I.e- I just bought a beat up peak for 150 bucks on eBay. Crazy right? Clyw fanboy here :p.

Well anyway, discuss if you have bought something then regret getting it because the next new and best thing came out a day later.

This might have done before, whatever…

Haha not really, I like doing a lot of research & asking opinions before i buy something (since moneys tight, I cant afford to buy something i wont love). But just because i havent regretted buying something doesnt mean it wont happen down the road :stuck_out_tongue:

When i first started i bought a big pack of yomegas because I thought that it was the best there was. After I got my ONE I was super upset because my mom spent all that money on the yomegas, which were super inferior to the ONE. I thought that way all the way until about a month ago when i got my raiders modded to loop.

Bought a used yelets for $35. A week later on black friday, it’s $39.99 for a new one. Just my luck. Oh well, good thing my yelets is my beater, don’t have to worry about dinging or scratching it

Well it isn’t something I bought but I traded my Pink OG Project (favorite color of yoyos besides gold) for a God Tricks Destiny and a Kendama…

A D-bearing Sky Walker for $135. Why did I buy that?

Cause it’s awesome!

Oh yes definitely. Overpriced, though.

Now I feel a little better.

I might throw this peak to get a PC job though.

I had buyer’s remorse over the Chik and also the format:C.

But then I warmed up to them, and ended up loving the Chik (except the pyramatte) and really respecting the format:C (except the pyramatte).

All other purchases have been good times, good times!

I have in the past. Like a fools gold avalanche.and on Avant Garge 1. but any yoyo I regret buying I sell on Ebay

I used to feel like this for probably 50% of my purchases as I watched my case(s) fill up with throws I rarely picked up. Now that I routinely sell things on the BST I don’t really care any more and am comfortable buying stuff knowing I can just turn it over if it’s not a must keep throw. I rarely buy anything at full retail and if I do, it’s likely that item will never leave my possession, so the amount I expect to lose that way is negligible.

Every time I buy a Yoyo I go through this “i hate it stage” where I absolutely despise the Yoyo I bought. Then about a day later I love the Yoyo. This has happened with just about all my yoyos except for my SPYY yoyos which is my amplifier and orbitron.

Not exactly regret.

What I dislike is when I finally pull the trigger and place my order, and then YYE drops something between the time the box ships and it arrives at my place.

It’s more like “GAH!!! Why didn’t you tell me this was arriving?” Of course, that’s because I didn’t ask because I didn’t know.

I have methods of dealing with this issue. I usually don’t do anything though.

This guy is going to have that moment.

Paid $1 for a yoyo at the dollar tree. Too expensive. Can’t believe I spent so much money.

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Nothing really comes to mind as a huge purchase regret.

Sale/trade regrets on the other hand… Some would curl your toes…

Such spend
Much regret

                            Very ripoff

I never regret buying a yo-yo, because I love them all to some degree. And, I try to be an educated buyer in the first place. But, I have regretted buying one for the specific purpose I bought it for.

I was looking to expand my collection of YoyoExpert color plastics. So, I saw this Shinwoo plastic on the auction site that had the “look.” It wasn’t expensive or anything, so I bought it. When it arrived, it didn’t look as good as the photo, pretty cheap looking, and not really dead on with the colors. The silver was looking kinda tan.

So, while I don’t regret the yo-yo, I do regret buying it with plans to match my other plastics. It sure didn’t pan out as expected. :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope I don’t end up having too many of these as I thin the collection. So far my only regret is selling my Sorry Mark Superstar but I don’t really feel too bad about it. I really really liked looking at it and it played great. That said, I just played it so incredibly rarely that it seemed silly to keep since I’m really only looking to focus my collection on 07 888s and a select few CLYWs right now and I’m considering not even doing that any more. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a Sorry Mark SS on the BST before so feeling like I might not be able to get it back if for some reason I “needed” one probably adds to the feeling of loss.