Oh gosh...

Who else feels like they just did something stupid every time you spend over 100 on a new yoyo?

I am now $140 less rich, at least a stardust2 is coming?

Yeah I know what you mean. So many good yoyos, just not enough bank rolls.

as long as its worth it you shouldn’t feel as bad

Buyers remorse. I’ve been dealing with those feelings myself. I’m hoping my BOSS arrives tomorrow. If I like it as much as I think I’m going to, I’ll deal with it fine. But if I don’t, that’s when I’ll think to myself, what am I doing?

Yeah, I would be wondering, why did I spend hundreds of dollars on a yoyo I am likely to ding? :frowning:

Sometimes i would think, “what would i do with these yoyos 20 years from now, when i could be saving my money for something else or a rainy day”…

LOL but if it’s worth spending the money, then that’s a different story…


I personally regret purchasing my BOSS. I should have saved the money to get an atmosphere and some Magic cards.

lol Yeah, I shouldn’t have bought an Internal Turmoil, the satin finish wears out really quickly, when put into pockets with phones, other yoyos etc.

I felt like that with my Dv888, it was my first, somewhat spendy yo-yo, BUT I LOVE IT!

I know what you mean I feel stupid everytime I spend over 60 on a yoyo. Plus, I have to save up for modern warfare. :slight_smile:

Yeah I felt the same way with a Dv888, but once I started playing with it and broke it in. I knew it was the right decision

Go here and talk about your “regreted purchases”



I never feel bad about spending 60 bucks, and I’m sure ill not regret it once I’m playing with the yoyo, but why I had to buy one that was 140? I do not know.

is it at least good. but it also comes with a kk stock.