How much have u spent/plan on spending on yoyos?

I’ve spent about 350… What bout u guys?

Too much, and the collection isn’t complete yet.

A little over alot… LOL!

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I plan to spend as much money as possible to collect every yoyo in the world. Actually no, probably just all the CLYW and OD yoyos.

I’d rather not think about this question… :-[

I’m probably in 5 figures at this point.

:-\ Well…I just went through my photos, and there are 120 metals, and if each one costs an average of $85…that’s over 10k. The rest are plastic. So… >:( time for a BST sale…Yikes! That’s where all the money went :stuck_out_tongue: Good heavens :-[ I will sell more often now. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m at least at 10k.

An unhealthy amount

Hmmm…I’m not certain as I’ve worn out and forgotten many a yoyo. However I will say this, it was money well spent. ;D (I’m sure it’s a roll of cash )

I’m just up to about $200 and I already feel really bad about it. I guess I feel better now that I know what you all have spent lol.

I’ve hit the 200 mark too. But I don’t feel bad at all. :wink:


Hmmm… Lets see… Wooly marmot $100, arctic circle $120. $220. Plus like $60 in shipping on trades so like $280.

Same, I have 3 yo’s, a yomega xodus 2, onestar, and supernova. Im planning to get another throw, that will definatly make it over $250 in a couple of months (like 2)

My 350.

3yo3 Cosmo
7075 supernova
7075 chief
Duncan barracuda
Madhouse epic
OD code 2

For a teenager my age? Too much. :-\

$2K +