How much have you spent on yoyo items? (People under 18)


I realize that grownups have jobs so they can afford to buy lots of yoyos(If they have a steadyish income), but I’m wondering how much people that don’t have jobs, like people in high school or below, have spent on yoyoing so far

I’m 14 and have spent around $190 on yoyoing so far(Pulsefire(BST),DM2,Equilateral(BST), and some string and a tube of flowable silicone.


Im 16. I’ve spent probably around $700. That includes my throws, strings and extras.


I’m 14 and I’ve spent $215 on throws, strings, and bearings (not including ones I got as gifts)


I don’t really want to say haha, it’s a lot though, more then anyone else that’s posted here :-[

I get about $1000-$2000 each year from various family members each year during holidays and my birthday. I save most of it(all of it until I turned 13) for college and life after high school but I still keep some of it and pretty much 90% of that goes into yoyos. I also now lawns for money as well. I do get nearly all of my yoyos from BST so I get more yoyos for less. I also sell and trade a bit as well.


$1000-$2000 a year? Lucky

It’s not like i don’t have much money, its just that my mom won’t let me spend that much xD
Occasionally though, I can persuade my dad to get something :stuck_out_tongue:


My yoyos after starting this hobby May of last year. I’m a 15 yr old senior in high school in the US.
Splash edition YYF DV888 - $54
YYF Shaqlerstar - $35
YYJ Go Big - $29.70
YYJ Classic - $9.99
YYJ Pinnacle - $18
MagicYoYo D5 x2 - $59.94 ($29.97 each)
Buddha Bearing Whipple x8 - $28 ($14 per 4-pack)
YYJ Silicone Pads x2 - $6 ($3 each)
YYJ Speed Bearing - $7.99
YYE BULK POLY X100 - $12.99
Kitty String Normal X 100 x2 - $31.98 ($15.99 each back in 2013)
YYF Silicone Pads (Whitex2,Yellow,Natural) - $10.40
Buddha Pads x5 - $9.85
Total : $313.84 I think?

The last time I had a yoyo related purchase was August of last year. I had hoped my parents would let me buy some yoyos on Black Friday, got moved to Christmas, got moved again to January, got moved to birthday in May, went to piggy bank without ever getting spent, which ironically is kinda good since if my parents do let me buy something, YYF Horizon is finally released and I could potentially finally get my own 2A pair (used my friends tip he moved away) and first metal 3a pair. :smiley:
But then again my mom probably won’t let that happen :frowning:


Too much.


^One of the few under 18 who have probably spent more then me on yoyos haha :smiley:


Im nearly 14 and have spent probably atleast $750 on throws.
I spend nearly all the money I get on throws, whether its christmas money, birthday money, etc.


I’m 17 and i bought a couple of yoyos and accessories.In total I’ve spent 200 bucks.


my most expensive yoyo i have ever bought is a YYJ XLR8 at a competition. but in total i have spent $152 in yoyo stuff over my 3 years of yoyoing. (in case your wondering i get most of the yoyos i own are free)


Doubt it lol I get most of my stuff from trading. The lathe though costed a bit.

(WildCat23) #13

The amount I’ve spent on yoyo’s looks silly compared to the amount I’ve spent on guitars/equipment. I buy guitar pedals and stuff on a whim.


Way too much


I’m 17 and I’ve spent around 2000-2500


I think I’m around this amount as well, more if counting the money I actually got from selling yoyos then spent on others :stuck_out_tongue:


You guys are so lucky. I’ve just gotten into unresponsive yoyoing and I can only get yoyo as part of my birthday/Christmas. The only one I’ve gotten that was not a special occasion was because of my excuse as using it for a project xD

EDIT: I’m 15 btw.


I am 16. I do not know how much I have spent total but I know I spent $350 at Nats 2013. After awhile I got burnt out of getting yoyos and now I mainly watch people throw and hangout with friends at contests.