how much money did you spent on yoyos in your first half year???

how much money did you spent on yoyos in your first half year of yoyoing?

I spent at most like 35$ Don’t go ahead and buy yourself a bunch of really expensive yoyos because, #1 You probably aren’t ready for them yet and #2 It’s better to start with something that you don’t have to worry about dinging them.

I’ve spent over at least $500+ on yoyos along with supplies.

Around $500 also.

$300 - $350.

I can’t recall. I think it was over $500. We forget that even the inexpensive stuff adds up.

Somewhere around $150. If I had paid retail on everything I won I’d be about $300 more, so full value is $450. This is an estimate of course.

$115. A PSG, an Asteroid and a Drop Bear.

A LOT. I bought like two high end yoyos a month for the first four month, then I discovered the BST. Hehe, haven’t bought any since, except for my occasional trip to One Drop.

Around $80.


(I just bought a Dang from him. Amazing yoyo. Amazing BST’er!)

YYR Dreadnought - 140$
CLYW Bassalope - 50$
BST shipping - ~15$
Random supplies - ~40$

That puts me at about 250. Let’s see how the second half turns out. Maybe I can manage my money a little bit better.

Around 150$ I think? I sold a few too.

Over $500 but that included a case and accessories. You really are better trying out a few affordable throws to figure out which dimensions and weight are best for your style. Look around here for trades and used throws to save a few bucks and then once you’ve gotten better you can invest in some good metal throws and you won’t have to worry as much about damaging them.

75 maybe?

well my first yoyo was something I got for free, so was the next few. that was about 20 years ago. in high school I got some yomega’s several that fell apart then a cherry bomb, don’t remember how much it cost, but I had almost no money so it couldn’t of been more then 50 bucks. If I had to guess I would say 25 or so.
with how good cheap yoyos now are, there really isn’t a reason to get spendy ones till you compete, and possibly not even then.

My very first 6 months I spent zero but then again I was 6 and my mom only spent about $15 for a saber raider. When I got back into yoyoing I spent $160 on a protostar and gnarwhal much later on.

like around 200$

I’m still in my first 6 months of being serious about it, more like 3 months. It’s pretty sickening and I didn’t keep track until just now, but I’m probably looking at a little more than $2000 thus far.

But I’m the collecting type. I get just as much satisfaction from getting and having a collection of rare or nice throws as I do throwing them. Before this, it was and still is watches, where I refuse to actually tally the money spent. I could have bought a car instead, certainly, even with just a few of them.

Yoyos+accessories = $75.98
This was a year ago when I bought my second yoyo, Protostar. I also bought thin lube, string, and YYJ shims for my Lyn Fury. And eventually a Hectic off a friend for $25.

The rest of my yoyos are either hand-me-downs or I won off Facebook contests.
I also bought a pair of Shaqler Loop900s but that was a few months ago, so it’s out of the question.