how much money have you spent on yoyos

i have spent 150 on yoyos what about you

37$ I think. :smiley:

Probably around $150 until last night when I bought a Catch13 so probably closer to $240 or $250, but that’s just a guess.

I don’t think this is a good topic, money should be personal.

If you don’t want to, you don’t have to answer the question.

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Not sure, but I am sure its over $200.

Spent over $60 on Shipping.

WEll… How about how much is your collection worth?

I haven’t spent that much but my collection is worth over $2000 currently.

$700 including shipping 8).

dv888- $65
888- $40
PGM v2- $30
DM- $40
X-ConVict- Vacation Souvenier; Free (Wizards Chest in Denver, CO)
Sunset Trajectory- Birthday; Free

So a total of 190 dollars including shipping.

how did you get them free, and an 888 for 40 bucks! :o

I got the X-ConVict for a souvenier in Denver, and the Sunset Trajectory for my birthday. And I got the B-Grade 888 for $40 at BLC instead of $50. (Thanks, Ben!)

Probably somewhere close to 200 dollars. I’ll double that with my next order though.

More than iHateMATT and less than icthus. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well over 1000

Over 180. The rest of my throws are bday presents.

More than all ya’ll combined

I’ve spent… $120? Anyways, sorry for being not here, I just got back from taiwan, no internet there. I also forgot my yoyo… :stuck_out_tongue: So I was bored to death and I lost my skills!!! I can’t find the nuts for my axle, so I’m probably playing with a dented axle… and I was gone most of the summer, so haven’t played… sniff anyways, I’ll be gone again this sunday, see you guys at the end of summer!

Welcome back Batryn.

Ty, but I’m going to be gone again… So it’s more of a hello and goodbye…

Btw, I was actually on the “What ever happened to” post? oops… I’ll try to be more active, but I’ve been gone forever. I was in taiwan, and the rest of the time I was “up in the mountains” doing boy scout stuff, N-Tier and a 250 mile bike ride. So that’s roughly what I did…

Well we missed you anyway, glad to have you check in.